ATM and Self Banking

ATM and self banking

A modular and customizable offer

Our comprehensive offer covers the entire value chain of Self-Banking services and has been conceived to improve the Branch model.

  • Front-end best practice
    Advanced and customised user interface design
  • Cutting-edge architecture
    A new infrastructure allowing a flexible and simplified integration with Customers' legacy systems and third parties databases (e.g., PA)
  • Advanced monitoring
    Dedicated help desk with monitoring systems and cash forecasting 
  • Total Quality Maintenance
    Proactive maintenance and dedicated resources for vendors coordination
  • Best Multivendor Integrator
    A multivendor approach for hardware management, as well as technologies and processes certified  for a wide range of devices
  • Logistics
    Services for asset management, installation and handling
  • Smart Branch Ecosystem
    Solutions for the integration of Branch Self-Banking instruments, supporting network transformation

Revolutionary front-end with an innovative and intuitive design improving the Customer user experience through speed of execution and value-added functions and services.

  • New tablet-likeTouch Experience 

  • Multiple functionalities

  • Dynamic profiling based on Customer behavior available on all functions

  • On-app cardless withdrawal

  • Advanced Advertising and Content Management System

  • Value Added Services improving channel profitability

  • Natively integrated CRM to transform  the channel into an effective instrument for Consumer commercial engagement

New advanced monitoring and maintenance systems guaranteeing the highest efficiency and a wide range of services:

  • Nexi’s Advanced Monitoring employs a proprietary platform based on machine learning, allowing a constant and proactive monitoring of the channel and solves up to 95% of the anomalies remotely

  • Dedicated support desk, Cash Forecast and predictive maintenance to detect and prevent problems which can otherwise create channel performance downtime impacting the channel performance

  • New Performance Management Dashboard allowing to full management of the Self-Banking channel, even from mobile.

More than ATMs: Assisted self-service cashpoint, multifunction Totems and Kiosks are also part of our self-service offer

  • Full range of self-service solutions for information and disposition services management (e.g., PagoPA Payments, Public Health)

  • Ultra light totems for in-branch/out-branch reception services management

  • Remote advisory post

  • Kiosks for cash/ no-cash payments

  • Assisted self-service cashpoint

  • Proprietary multichannel management platform making payment transactions easier and faster, also thanks to the full integration with Customers' legacy systems and third parties databases 

Nexi’s services models are modular and customizable to fit the needs of our Partners



Basic outsourcing offer

Supplying of the basic application platform (Terminals manager, front-end with standard functionalities and advanced monitoring).


Nexi’s Fleet Management: the carefree service

We are specialists in the management of the entire self-service value chain.

We act as a single intermediary for the management of a complex channel requiring significant investment.  

Our offer is conceived to meet every demand arising from the channel’s evolution:

    We accelerate your projects through  our operating platform  
    Annual all-inclusive rental payment for every machine with end-to-end services management, optimizing operating costs
    Total Quality Management and advanced monitoring with Premium services
    Our dedicated Digital Factory supports our Clients in their ambitious innovation and transformation paths 
    The experience of Nexi’s teams to support the evolution of the distribution model