Consumer offer: card and mobile payments


Our offer

We support our Partner Banks in offering the best payment solutions to their Clients. 

Whether credit, debit and prepaid cards, or smartphones and wearable payment solutions, all of our products are designed to improve the customer's shopping experience and make it easier and safer.

Furthermore, our customers benefit from additional services and have full control of their expenses.

Payment cards

Considering payments from the client’s perspective, we believe that cards and smartphones are the most secure and simple way to pay and we make sure that transactions are always fast and secure.



Credit cards

A wide range of solutions to fit the needs of private individuals: charge and installment revolving payments available on all cards, digital services for mobile payments, an app for expense and card management, insurance, assistance and fraud prevention.


Debit cards

Our international debit cards are accepted for withdrawals at every ATM worldwide, and they allow contactless and mobile in-store payments as well as purchases on e-commerce stores. Furthermore, they have several security features and self-service options. 


Prepaid cards

Our prepaid offer includes contactless cards perfect for online purchases, allowances, travelling abroad, crediting salaries and for expenses of non-residents in Italy.

We offer our customers solutions to control and secure their spending:

  • SMS Alert payments service
  • In-app payments notifications
  • 3D Secure Code
  • Key6 Code
  • Expense tracking
  • Online Service activation
  • Bank statements consultation and archival
Credit cards payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile technology makes the payment experience easier, quicker and more immediate.

We offer the most advanced solutions empowering our customers to easily pay with their smartphones at hand and smartwatches.

Mobile payments solutions:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Garmin Pay 
  • Swatch Pay
Mobile payments

Buy now, pay later

Innovative and easy, this solution allows the possibility to pay by installments, starting from small purchase amounts, both in-store and online purchases.

Our solutions allows our customers to leverage on installments payments for splitting their purchases from 3 months up to 24 months, depending on ticket.

Consumers can access this alternative payment method at checkout in-store and online or post-transaction directly on credit card app or web secured area.

Our offer empowers our clients to choose how and when to pay for their expenses, while ensuring a high level of flexibility.