Retailers and Merchant Offer

Retailers and Merchants

Our Offer

We strive every day to make the digitization of payment acceptance an everyday routine.
We do this by providing our Merchants with a full range of digital payment acceptance solutions to support them in improving and simplifying their business management.

New technologies and innovation are the key to offering advanced products and services that enable the acceptance of any type of digital payment in any situation: in‑store, remote, online, including all new experiences with Invisible Payment solutions and unattended and self‑service tools.

A multi-channel approach

Our digital payment acceptance solutions meet the needs of Retailers, Merchants, Stores and Companies to deal with their sales activities, whether they are in-store and on the move or online and through social channels.

Easy to integrate with platforms and management tools already available to Merchants, our collection solutions allow Merchants to offer their customers simple and effective digital payment experiences, on all purchasing channels.

In‑store solutions

We support Merchants in the management of digital payments, providing a wide range of POS solutions: from the most advanced terminals of the Nexi SmartPOS® range, to solutions to manage the cash desk and payments within the point of sale, up to tools to be used for on-the-move collections.

Our POSs are not just collection tools, but enablers of a wide range of services designed specifically for the various types of activities and needs of Merchants.

SmartPOS payment acceptance terminals

E-commerce solutions

We offer our Merchants flexible solutions for accepting e-commerce payments, suitable for any type of online business, from the simplest e-commerce sites, to the largest and most complex ones.

Our solutions include the possibility of accepting different payment methods and are suitable for collecting online payments also from social media channels.

Our solutions for accepting online payments can be easily integrated with all major e-commerce platforms and are ready to use, developed in compliance with all security standards and compliant with international protocols.

Working with partners and web agencies, our payment gateways are essential turnkey solutions that provide quick and easy purchasing experiences and improve customer loyalty processes.

Nexi E-commerce

Out‑of‑Store solutions

We provide our Merchants with solutions to accept digital payments not only in-store, but also remotely, thus allowing them to seize new sales opportunities (such as home deliveries or remote orders).

Our complete suite of products for Digital Commerce offers solutions that meet the various sales needs of Merchants, allowing them to find new business opportunities and accept digital payments in any situation.

Remote paymets

Solutions for Invisible Payments

The “Invisible Payments” solution allows Merchants to offer their customers a simple but innovative shopping experience, allowing them to pay for purchases directly via the Merchant's app, without having to take their card out or go to the cash desk every time.

All thanks to the secure registration of the customer's card data (tokenisation) in the Merchant's app.

After Tokenization, the card can be used by the customer for future purchases in a safe and, indeed, “invisible” manner, making payments simple and immediate.

A Merchant who chooses to adopt the Invisible Payment solution at their point of sale has the advantage of eliminating queues at checkouts, reducing costs and, more importantly, enhancing customer loyalty.

Nexi Invisible Payments

Self-service: unattended stores

We offer Merchants and Companies self-service payment acceptance solutions that are easy to integrate on pre-existing terminals and multifunctional totems with integrated booking, ticketing and payment services.

Our solutions meet the needs of Merchants and Companies that have to manage high flows of Customers or that need to ensure the operation of services 24 hours a day in unattended points of sale, such as cark parks, break areas and petrol stations.

Nexi unattended merchant solutions

Buy now, pay later

An innovative solution for Merchants to offer their customers the opportunity to pay for their purchases made online and at the point of sale, with all or part of the amount paid by instalments.

A new solution that allows Merchants to expand their customer base by offering payment of the amount by instalments in a simple way, without long waiting times or documents for credit risk assessment, enabling greater simplicity and immediacy in the purchase and acceptance of the payment.

IBAN based payment services

Our offer to accept IBAN-based payments allows Merchants to receive large payments easily, quickly and securely.

IBAN-based payments are suitable for Merchants and Professionals who routinely handle high value sales, such as doctors, dentists, notaries, jewellers, travel agencies and car dealerships, but also for service companies and insurance companies.

Our solutions for accepting IBAN-based payments can be easily integrated into their platforms and sales apps.

Loyalty and e‑voucher services

Our Merchants can take advantage of CRM and Loyalty engagement programs linked to customer cards.

Through collaboration with selected Nexi partners, Merchants can activate loyalty systems that turn their payment terminals into powerful marketing tools.

The offer for points of sale ranges from the possibility of creating discount and cashback programs to expanding and diversifying their offer with e-vouchers with top-ups, gift cards and coupons that can be purchased with a single click and in real time directly from the customer's device.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

We provide Merchants with analytics and business intelligence systems so that they can monitor their activities and manage them as efficiently as possible.

Our systems, such as Nexi Business and Easy Data, allow Merchants to monitor, reconcile and analyse all the data of financial flows and related to the acceptance of electronic payments useful for the business.

Thanks to our business monitoring platforms, merchants, even small ones, have useful information at their finger tips to manage their business more effectively and carry out competitive, predictive analyses with related benchmarks.

Our solutions respond to the needs of various corporate figures (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance), providing information on operations, controls and business.