Open Banking

Network Services

Secure messaging for access to ESMIG (target services)

Our secure messaging services allow users to connect via the single ESMIG access interface to the Eurosystem's Market Infrastructure:

  • Target2 for the settlement of large-value payments,
  • Target2 Securities for the settlement of securities
  • TIPS for the settlement of instant payments and Eurosystem Collateral Management System (ECMS) for the management of Eurosystem collateral, as well as for any future services that the Eurosystem may wish to implement.


Partnership Program

The Partnership Programme provides access to all Eurosystem and EBA Clearing payment schemes through a single infrastructure:


- EBA STEP2 and RT1

We provide the possibility for payment hubs to use our connectivity by obtaining SIAnet certification to offer their customers an end-to-end service over the entire payment lifecycle.

The partnership program improves the customer experience by using the fastest network of instant payments. The services are also available in full-cloud, scalable and flexible modes, and ensure seamless integration.


Access to EBA Instant Payment

Our ultra-fast secure messaging solution enables access to the EBA clearing platform for Instant Payments. The service is designed to meet the specific requirements of Instant Payment and Instant Clearing systems in terms of:


  • low latency
  • security
  • privacy compliance
  • horizontal scalability
  • ease of integration into any application environment
  • compatibility with the SCTinst scheme
  • load balancing between geographically distributed plants

The service is provided in end-to-end mode with the provision and management of all network components.


Access to EBA Step2

SIAnet is the secure messaging solution that enables access to EBA Clearing's STEP2 platform.

The participants in the STEP2 platform have at their disposal a secure messaging service designed to respond to specific needs of security, reliability and confidentiality of information, expressed by the European financial community.

The solution is based on:

  • an end-to-end service with an extended SLA perimeter
  • high security and reliability network that connects banks to STEP2 through the POPs in Milan, London, Frankfurt and Budapest
  • peer-to-peer architecture to ensure privacy compliance
  • “one-stop-shop” approach to reduce the TCO of participants
  • service model that minimises the operational risk inherent in the transport of high volumes of messages
  • 24x365 non-stop network availability.

Access to SEPA via SIAnet is made available in two ways:

  • direct member: for financial institutions or technical facilitators that must connect their payment systems directly to the EBA step2 platform
  •  indirect member: for financial institutions that use the technological infrastructure of another direct member.


Access to the National Interbank Network (RNI)

Thanks to the SIAnet digital network, we are Network Service Providers of the National Interbank Network (RNI) that connects the Data Processing Centres of the Bank of Italy, of banking institutions, of Post Office entities, consortia, Application Centres, Mobile Intermediation Companies (SIM), post-trading services and international-market dealers,

We ensure the transport of interbank information and instruction flows, guaranteeing reliability of execution, security and confidentiality of data.

The solution is independent from the type of hardware and software adopted, thus safeguarding the investments and technological independence, as well as providing access to the main interbank auxiliary services such as the Bank of Italy's Risk Centre and the Computerised Payment Card Fraud Prevention System.


SWIFTNe Access Bureau

The SWIFTNet Access Bureau is a customised outsourced platform for accessing SWIFTnet and other related services. Choosing this network solution allows users to focus their attention on the core business, freeing themselves from the obligations of management and technological maintenance of the SWIFTNet access systems. The service guarantees business continuity and disaster recovery, through redundant infrastructures located in our data centres.


SIAnet Monetics

Banks and financial institutions have a connectivity solution fully compliant with PCI-DSS standards. Through a single physical network access domain, you can enable the following services:

  • issuing and acquiring
  • merchant acquiring
  • back-office services
  • value-added services (Dispute & Chargeback Management System, Risk management, fraud service, prevention services)
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • POS/ATM terminal management


Transaction Collection Service

The Transaction Collection service guarantees the entire management, from a network point of view, of the transport of the transaction from the POS terminal to the Terminal Manager and/or the Acquirer, regardless of the connectivity technology of the POS terminal and its geographical location.


Accessing the Payments Node

The service of connection and access to the platform “SPC Payments Node” provides the service provider for the PA with a managed, secure and network, compliant with the AgID specifications, which require the functions of identification of counterparties, encryption of data transmissions and tracking of the messages exchanged.


Private Networks

Connectivity between public administration bodies includes the design, implementation, training and maintenance of WAN Networks or the consolidation of existing connectivity services. The offer is also extended to LAN networks with fully scalable solutions, from 100M to 100G, based on flexible architectures and non-stop operations. The customer can request a fully dedicated infrastructure or choose shared configurations on the existing infrastructure backbone, thus obtaining significant cost synergies.


Connectivity for access to trading venues

SIAnet Financial Ring allows banks and financial institutions to access, through a single high-speed and low-latency network infrastructure, the main international Trading Venues using hubs in Milan, London, Frankfurt, Budapest and New York.


Co-location, proximity & managed services

We provide ultra-fast connectivity and housing services, up to server management, in order to be closer to trading on trading systems. The SIAnet infrastructure allows a very low latency connection for access to trading platforms, ensuring the flexibility/scalability of a hosted structure and the fastest possible connection for the information and trading systems of the Stock Exchange. The services also include the management of operating system structures and hardware provisioning according to customer requirements.