Open Banking

Blockchain solutions


Our solution allows blockchain applications to be developed easily and quickly, eliminating time-to-market.

Designed to integrate the value of blockchain into business and to develop effective cases of use to be launched on the market through distributed applications.

Our solution was created with the aim of providing developers with user-friendly tools capable of reducing time-to-market through easy integration of technological components and a set of clear guiding principles, such as:

  • enabling implementation based on a common standard
  • providing a set of APIs to support the development team to be productive in quick time
  • abstracting the code of the specific blockchain protocols to use design models common to all platforms.


P2P Transactions

Our multi-token and multi-purpose platform allows P2P transactions to be enabled with one’s own wallet without intermediaries.

Due to its flexibility, it can be adapted to facilitate integration between different systems and to improve the processes.

The exchange token can be configured according to the needs of the cases of use, e.g. loyalty programs, couponing, closed loop and more.


Public Tender for Sale Service

Our Public Tender for Sale service allows Institutional Investors who are members of consortia to participate in public tenders to sell or exchange shares or bonds, as a Global Coordinator or as a Placement Agent.

The system collects and  validates the subscription requests and makes them available to the Global Coordinator is the person that determines, during the allocation phase, the amount to be assigned for each request. This information is returned to the placement agents through the Public Tender for Sale service, provided centrally by SIA, to which banks can connect via RNI or SIAnet.NG (using Thema Spazio).