Open Banking

Multi-channel Payments for Public Sector

In-person payments

Pagamenti allo sportello

POS acceptance terminals to accept payments at the counter

Our offer allows Local Public Administration to offer citizens the possibility to pay for services directly at their offices with digital cashless payment methods.

Thanks to our advanced POS terminals, perfectly integrated with the PagoPA system, local authorities can improve all their collection processes, speed up waiting times at counters and guarantee citizens a faster and more efficient service.

  • Integrated PagoPA service
  • Equipped with contactless technology
  • Enabled for mobile payments
  • Transactions speed of less than 15 seconds
  • Real-time consultation of all payments received



Unattended payments

Pagamenti Self-service

Multifunction kiosks for self-service payments

Our line of Self‑Service technologies includes:

  • Hardware devices for the delivery of Services:
    • Information, such as transparency, reception, queue management, virtual remote counter 
    • devices, to pay for health tickets, taxes, certificates, sanctions, services and benefits, payment notices, PagoPA payments


  • Multi‑channel software platforms for
    • the management of all types of payments
    • Integration with Legacy Systems of the Customer's Technology Partners
    • the provision of customizable information and device services


Web and Mobile App Payments

Multi-channel payment gateway

Thanks to our payment gateway, Public Administrations can:

  • accept all types of payments: one-click and recurring payments, remote payments, integrated payments to PagoPA
  • customize payment pages and integrate them with their own management systems via APIs
  • monitor all managed payments through trend graphs and advanced reporting services
  • use alternative payment methods to meet the needs of all citizens, both Italian and international
  • simplify and speed up the online payment of any type of tax and service.


Pagamenti da web