Digital Corporate Banking

Digital Corporate Banking

We offer a unique multi-channel remote banking solution, easily adaptable to the needs of each Company, able to provide services for a multiple clientele and that can be integrated with applications outside the banking world such as ERPs.

Our platform integrates the Bank's in-house services and those of the CBI Consortium through a single front-end and allows the implementation of value-added services, which are always updated and can also be activated individually, such as:

  • Mobile Corporate Banking
  • Fast Digital Invoicing Services
  • Certification Authority and Payments Security

Mobile Corporate Banking

The Mobile App, available in the main stores, thanks to simple and intuitive browsing allows to operate on the move by accessing the main features. It also acts as an authorisation tool for signatory users to delete the physical token.

Through the Mobile App it is possible to:

  • Monitor account balances and movements
  • Authorise bills and individual payments in line with company signing powers
  • Enter individual payments



The CBILL Service of the CBI Consortium is an innovative payment method that improves the management of customer debit positions and simplifies the collection process by Retail and Public Administration (PA) bill issuers.

Our E-BILLING infrastructure allows users to consult and pay the expense accounts from bill issuers, who are direct members of the CBI through their Bank FES (Front End Payment Schedule). In addition, for PA, CBILL allows you to pay via PagoPA, according to model 3.

Since it is a CBI certified hub for the provision of the CBILL service, we have created an offer featuring qualifying elements that can also be activated individually and integrated with the systems of Banks and payment institutions.

Through our services, Financial Institutions will be able to enrich the offer for their customers, simply by adding the CBILL service to the channels already used for the payment of bills and thus guaranteeing security, reliability and speed of payment execution.


Digital Invoicing platform

Fast digital invoicing service

The digitisation of the invoicing process makes it possible to achieve greater cohesion between the world of Companies and that of Banks.

We have created an electronic invoicing platform aimed at business-to-business, business-to-government and business-to-consumer (invoice Collaborative Business Platform), which is suitable for both large companies and SMEs.

Thanks to the flexibility of the modules that can be integrated and customised, the platform adapts according to the needs of each Customer.

Choosing our Fast Digital Invoicing services means reducing the acceptance and payment times of invoices, increasing the loyalty of the supplier-customer network, facilitating the financing cycle and reducing the possibility of errors and disputes.

The Fast Digital Invoicing solution is prepared for integration with company ERPs thanks to an ANY-IN/ANY-OUT logic, guaranteeing the correctness and integrity of the Customer's data and reducing the possibility of errors and exceptions.

As far as the Public Administration is concerned, our solution is able to manage communication with the Interchange System also for the debit side, favouring the reconciliation of payments and digital preservation.


Certification Authority & Payment Security

We boast a consolidated and certified technological infrastructure that guarantees high reliability, disaster recovery and comprehensive assistance on the following services:

CA ‑ EIDAS Qualified Certificate

  • Digital signature: USB tokens and smart cards
  • Remote digital signature: Strong Authentication Token
  • Signing contracts in paperless mode, through video conference recognition systems, payments by bank transfer or credit card and activation of remote signing certificates via the web
  • Advanced Electronic Signature Processes

CA - not qualified

  • Encryption certificates (AES-256) for use in the Sitrad circuit
  • Authentication Certificates (SSL Client)
  • Stand-alone Strong Authentication: tools and services for the generation of One Time Passwords (via Mobile App, Physical Tokens, SMS, Incoming calls, etc.)

We also organise training courses and specialist advice on the subject of digital signatures and on the integration of signature services in the Customer's processes.