Digital Corporate Banking

Digital Corporate Banking

We offer Banks a single multi-channel remote banking solution which can be easily tailored to meet every Enterprise’s needs and provides services for a wide range of customer targets. Furthermore, it can also be integrated with applications that are not part of the banking world such as ERPs. 

Our platform integrates both the Bank's in-house services and those of the CBI Consortium through a single front-end. It  also allows the implementation of value-added services that are constantly updated and can be activated individually, such as:

  • E/Mobile Corporate Banking Platform


  • Fast Digital Invoicing Services

  • Certification Authority and Payment Security.

E-mobile corporate banking

Our E-mobile corporate banking solution is a highly customisable platform designed around the needs of banks’ main target customer groups, such as corporate, large corporate, SME and small businesses.

Available on both Android and iOS systems, it is the result of a multi-channel and multi-device approach.

Our innovative front-end solution is also multi-user, multi-company and mobile responsive, it has a multilingual option and it allows the integration of APIs for third-party services (PSD2 ready).

Main features:

  • Services fully integrated in the bank systems: online information and instructions, document and invoice dematerialisation, credit, debit and rechargeable card services, payments abroad and more

  • Certified CBI standards: SEPA (SCT, SDD, SEDA) instructions, credit transfer (beneficiary initiative, foreign and other XML), bank slip, notices, bills (payment of bills due and unpaid, XML withdrawal outcome), notification of incoming foreign credit transfer, reporting (portfolio, advance, balance and movement accounts), account statement, securities file, F24 payment, etc.

  • Payments and top-ups: road tax, pre-compiled and blank post office slips, Telecom Italia bills, university fees, local taxes, fines, health care tickets, telephone top-ups, Mediaset Premium smart cards, prepaid cards and purchase of Vodafone and TIM service cards

  • Cash management and cash pooling: cash flow monitoring, enabling of companies for the Swift network, centralised National and International Treasury management

  • Integration of E-invoicing and certification authority services.


The CBI Consortium's CBILL Service is an innovative payment method that improves the management of customer debit positions and simplifies the collection process by the retail biller and the Public Administration (PA).

Our E-BILLING infrastructure allows the viewing and payment of expense accounts issued by billers who adhere directly to CBI through their FES (Front-End Scheduler) Bank. 

Furthermore, CBILL allows payment via PagoPA for the Public Administration, according to model 3. 

We are a CBI-certified node for providing of the CBILL service and we have created an offer that allows the activation and integration of specific qualifying elements with the banks’ and payment institutions’ systems.

Through our services, financial institutions can improve their offer to customers by simply adding the CBILL service to the channels they currently use for bill payment, ensuring a fast, reliable and secure payment execution.

Fast Digital Invoicing services

Fast digital invoicing service

The digitisation of the order-payment process brings the business and the banking worlds even closer.

We have created an electronic invoicing platform for business-to-business, business-to-government and business-to-consumer (Invoice Collaborative Business Platform) that is suitable for both large corporations and SMEs.

Thanks to the flexibility of its customizable and easy to integrate modules, it fits the needs of each customer.

Choosing our Fast Digital Invoicing services means reducing invoice-acceptance and payment times, increasing customer-supplier network loyalty, facilitating the financing cycle and reducing the possibility of errors and disputes.

The Fast Digital Invoicing solution can be easily integrated with corporate ERPs thanks to its ANY-IN/ANY-OUT approach, guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of the Customer's data and reducing the possibility of errors and exceptions.

When it comes to Public Administration, the Fast Digital Invoice services manage communications with the Interchange System, including accounts payable, and facilitate reconciliation of payments and digital storage.

Certification Authority & Payment Security

We boast a consolidated and certified technology infrastructure that guarantees high reliability and disaster recovery, while also offering complete support on the following services:

As CA‑accredited certifier EIDAS:

  • Digital signature: USB tokens and smart cards
  • Remote digital signature: Strong Authentication Token
  • Signing contracts in paperless mode through video conference recognition systems, payments by bank draft or credit card and activation of remote online signature certificates
  • Certificates and processes for advanced electronic signatures.

As non-qualified CA:

  • Issuing encryption certificates (AES-256) usable on the SITRAD (interbank data transmission system) circuit
  • Emission of authentication certificates (SSL Client)
  • Strong Authentication: tools and services for One-Time Passwords (via smartphone App, physical token, text message, incoming call, etc.).