Banks and Financial Institutions offer

Banks and Financial Institutions

Our offer

We provide banks with end to end services, working alongside them to spread digitalization in Europe and to favour progress and growth for all.

We help more than 1000 partner Banks and Financial Institutions across Europe to manage their customers’ payment cards through modular and made-to-measure services such as Processing, Card Management, dispute resolution, security services, fraud prevention and Customer Value Management.

We also provide Financial Institutions with highly efficient technology solutions and services for access to domestic and pan-European clearing infrastructures, interbank payment and collection management and advanced capital markets systems.

Merchants and acquiring solutions

We provide our Partner Banks with a wide range of solutions for accepting all digital payments, which they can offer to affiliated merchants to manage their business.

Our offer provides:

- A complete range of POS terminals,

- A wide variety of services dedicated to the management of acquiring and accepting payments:

Our Merchant services also include customer support, dispute management and fraud management.

Card‑issuing and mobile Payment management

Our issuing solutions cover the entire value chain from Processing to end-to-end card management.
We issue and manage debit, credit, revolving, co-branded, prepaid and commercial cards on national and international circuits.
We offer a centralised solution, compliant with international regulations, capable of guaranteeing operational excellence and significant economies of scale.
A wide range of value-added services complete the offer.

Digital payments

All of our solutions make the payment experience even easier, faster and safer.

Our offer includes:

  • SEPA Credit Transfer based solutions to facilitate the creation of a national and European ecosystem for money transfers
  • Instant payments, to ensure maximum security and traceability of payments
  • Clearing & Settlement Solutions
  • ACH & intermediation of infrastructure services
  • Other additional services for bank payments.
Digital Corporate Banking

We develop and manage the front-ends, network systems and hub for Digital Corporate Banking.

Our proposal was created to offer banks a multi-channel remote banking solution (WEB and mobile), which can also be integrated with corporate ERPs, able to meet the needs of Companies of all types and sizes (Corporate/Large Corporate, Small Businesses, Condominium Managers, Bankruptcy Judges, etc.).

ATM and self banking

We support Financial Institutions, Companies and Public Bodies with the most advanced outsourced Self-Banking services.

Our platform has a wide range of transactional features and value-added services to help Branch models evolve and improve the Customer experience. These include a revolutionary front end with " one-click” processes, new advanced monitoring and maintenance systems, totems, and multifunction kiosks to complete our all-around offer of Self-Banking services.

Open banking

Our Open Banking platform facilitates the interconnection between Banks and Third Parties through APIs, in compliance with PSD2 regulations.

With our turnkey Open Banking solutions, Banks can play a new role in the financial services market (e.g. as an AISP) by accelerating their digital transformation process, also thanks to our collaboration with the best Fintechs and start-ups in the industry.

Digitisation & E‑security

We help companies to accelerate digital transformation to improve processes and interaction with customers, respond effectively to new regulations, and successfully deal with increased competition.
We offer a wide range of secure and innovative digital solutions in different areas: from identification and signatures to multi-channel distribution and document storage.

Digitisation & E‑security

The experience gained in the design and implementation of networks for financial communities also makes us a point of reference for Banks and Institutions that want to take advantage of services on secure and reliable network infrastructures.


We provide Banks and Financial Institutions with our private blockchain infrastructure designed to develop, in a safe and secure way, innovative applications based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

The infrastructure makes a number of applications available to registered and approved members of a community, where transparency, confidentiality and security are guaranteed as shared rules.

The infrastructure can host several protocols including Corda Enterprise, Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Besu (Ethereum).

Solutions for compliance

We support Brokerage Companies, Banks and Financial Institutions in monitoring trading activity on financial markets and in complying with the provisions of control and supervisory bodies.

Thanks to our twenty years of experience, we are the reference point for more than 100 financial intermediaries in 18 countries that use our compliance and surveillance systems that can monitor more than 10 billion financial transactions every year.

Solutions for Capital Market players

Solutions for Players in financial markets include a platform for managing new issues of securities

Large Databases

In Italy, we manage the large data bases needed to perform credit activities and for the correct addressing of interbank instructions:

  • ABI-CAB-BIC and Archivio Piazze Bancarie (APIBA). The system archives that assign and disseminate the national ABI-CAB coordinates of all Italian bank/postal branches and the locations served by them.)
  • Central interbank alert system (CAI). Computerised archive of bank and postal cheques stolen or lost which constitutes a service of general economic interest aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning of the payment system
  • Automatic Coding Request (RAC). System Archive that assigns, registers and discloses the codes relating to companies, Bancomat ATMs and PagoBancomat merchants and points of sale
  • System registration data: Preparation and distribution of the information necessary for the addressing of operations within the interbank exchange procedures of SITRAD