Payment Cards

Payment cards

Credit cards

Buy now and pay laterthis is the essence of our credit cards, which offer:

  • flexibility for credit card payments thanks to a simple and discreet solution to pay for all in-store and online purchases, by instalments in 3, 6 and up to 24 months
  • digital services to make on-the-move payments via all payment systems
  • an app where you can find all the information about your card, keep track of expenses and activate the main services
  • insurance on purchases, payments and withdrawals with assistance and legal protection services when required
Credit Cards


Debit cards

Our debit cards allow cardholders to have full control of expenses thanks to the direct debit to the current account at the time of purchase or cash withdrawal.

They are perfect for online payments on all e-commerce sites, are contactless and can be used for phone and smartwatch payments.

Our Debit Cards can also be used to withdraw cash from all ATMs around the world. Through the app you can monitor expenses and activate the services linked to the card.

They can be managed via the app and have multiple security functions to keep spending under control and protect the card in the event of theft or fraud.

Debit Cards are available in Basic and Premium versions.


Prepaid cards

Our prepaid cards offer free spending and can be topped up at any time.

You do not need to have a bank account to apply for one and they are therefore ideal for younger customers.

They are all equipped with contactless technology and can be used for online and in-store purchases. Services of customisation of expenses that can be activated by the app and portal allow users to manage the available amount more effectively.

The services also include insurance cover.


Control and security services

All Nexi cards are equipped with services designed to guarantee maximum security, maximum control and maximum freedom of action for all types of expenses.

Control over expenses

  •  Alert messaging services (SMS and in-app notifications)
  • List of movements and breakdown by product categories
  • Statements

Secure online shopping

  • Through 3D Secure for two-factor authentication factors
  • Biometrics

App mobile

  • Access to all card codes and data
  • Spending limit configuration
  • Digital services
  • Loyalty and Engagement Programs