Merchant and acquiring offer

Merchants and acquiring solutions

Merchant Services

We provide Banks with Acquiring services, offering a wider range of solutions that make the daily activities of retail stores, online stores and professionals, easier, faster and safer.

We also provide comprehensive services for the acceptance of any payment issued by the major and primary international circuits, with a particular focus on new technologies applied to commercial business, from e-commerce to mobile payments and business analytics.

Focusing on efficiency, speed and security for the end customer, we combine a profound knowledge of the market with the constant analysis of transaction flows and purchasing behavior in order to design solutions and services that can help to further develop Merchants' commercial activities.

 POS payment acceptance terminals solutions

POS Solutions

Our POS payment acceptance systems are among the most advanced on the market and respond to every need, from contactless payment at checkouts and mobile sales, to small purchases and payments with smartphones and wearables.


E-commerce solutions

Every day more than 300,000 Merchants use our platforms for their online sales.

For them we have developed simple, complete and cost-effective solutions. Already PCI certified, and compliant with international security protocols, they fit the needs of both smaller stores and stores interested in an international development of their business.