Digital Corporate Banking

Trade surveillance solutions

We provide a strong trade surveillance system that uses real-time data to detect market abuse and manipulative practices.

Our framework, compliant with international best practices, is a powerful event analysis engine with standard monitoring algorithms, customised ad hoc analysis, real-time analytical dashboards, and post-trade analytics.

Aimed at market management companies and regulators, our platform ensures immediate surveillance of financial markets.

The fully modular compliance platform

Discover the functionalities of Sia Eagle, the compliance platform that enables holistic compliance.

A modular compliance solution dedicated to supporting the monitoring of different obligations of financial market directives, such as market abuse, insider trading, internal dealing, and conflicts of interest.

Over 15 years of experience in trade surveillance and financial market compliance. Over 10 billion transactions per year are monitored.

Trade Surveillance

Execution Policy and BestEx Monitoring Module

Stores and analyses all trading activities to drive out executions 

Best Execution monitoring

Execution Policy and BestEx Monitoring Module

Stores and analyses all trading activities to drive out executions not in line with
BestEx requirements

Relevant and Privileged information mgmt

Insider List Module 

Insider Information Management Module

Stores all the links between employees or externals and relevant or privileged information

Integrated Market Data & Market Connect Feed

Stores and analyses Intraday prices tick by tick & End of day prices and volumes, Price Sensitive Announcements & Exchange Notices

Conflicts of Interests

Conflict Case Registry

Dynamic Conflict Identification Framework

Stores and identifies all collisions among business interests  

Personal Dealing

Personal Transaction Registry

Personal Dealing Mgmt Module

Stores and scans all employee transactions to identify trading activities not in line with Bank’s policies

Functionality of the Surveillance tool

Designed according to IOSCO principles and European Directives and Regulations

Supports users in analysing the trading activities of investors and traders

Available in the product

Use of Artificial Intelligence

A predefined set of parameters and thresholds is available; functionality to change parameters and thresholds

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