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Medium and large Companies

Our offer

We support Companies in addressing market challenges by providing them with the tools to manage sales, customer relationships and B2B/B2C payments more effectively.

We offer the most innovative and reliable solutions, able to respond to the expectations of our customers on digitisation and electronic security, always guaranteeing high levels of security and speed of service.

Digital Payment Acceptance

Our offer includes innovative solutions ranging from terminals for the acceptance of digital payments to tailor-made packages for each type of business, from procurement services supporting treasury processes to the payment of utilities, top-ups and payment slips.

Large distibution payments acceptance solutions


We provide Companies with a hub to centralise cross-border treasury processes that simplifies the dialogue with bank counterparties, automating companies’ financial and reporting processes.

The service also allows the use of the digital signature for the management of the authorisation workflow of payment-order flows and provides an Alerting system.

Business payment solutions

Our digital payment solutions are able to meet the needs of every Business thanks to an integrated and multi-channel approach.

Discover the wide range of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Virtual Cards, tailor-made programs (gift cards and loyalty) and the digital factory.

Business cards


A private infrastructure designed to develop, in a safe and secure way, innovative blockchain applications based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Our infrastructure makes applications available to Companies that can host several protocols.

We can provide Companies with:

  • A solution designed to integrate the value of a Blockchain into their business and launch easily integrated white-label applications on the market.
  • A platform based on blockchain technology used for loyalty programs, couponing, and more, which allows two users to execute transactions using their own wallet (Mobile App) without involving other intermediaries.

Digital Corporate Banking

We offer solutions to enable Large Corporate and Small/Medium Enterprises to send payment instructions and documents to their Banks through a single online front-end tool.

The Digital Corporate Banking offer is a multi-channel remote banking solution (WEB and mobile), which can also be integrated with company ERPs, which aggregates the Bank's in-house services with those of the CBI Consortium, open to value-added modules that can also be activated individually. These include the E/Mobile Banking Corporate platform, CBILL services, Fast Digital Invoicing, Certification Authority and Payments Security.

Digital Corporate Banking Solutions

Open Banking

We assist Medium and Large Enterprises in the digitisation of their business, to improve the efficiency of processes and customer experience also with Open Banking solutions, which leverage the latest PSD2 regulations and allow new services to be built based on advanced data management.


The world of Telco, Insurance and Utilities has a complete end-to-end solution to manage the entire Know Your Customer process: the software carries out checks during customer acquisition and in the continuous due diligence process to identify high-risk individuals, such as PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons) and other individuals and organisations subject to sanctions.

The solution can be adopted in stand-alone mode or integrated into the Compliance Services suite.

Business Intelligence

We provide Companies with analytics and business intelligence systems to manage and monitor all data on financial flows and electronic payments useful for the business.

Our solutions respond to the needs of various business figures (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance), providing information on operations, controls and business.

Business intelligence

Large Databases Management

For the Italian market, we manage the large data bases needed to perform credit activities and for the correct addressing of interbank instructions.

The ABI-CAB-BIC system archives and the Archivio Piazze Bancarie (APIBA) assign and disseminate the national ABI-CAB coordinates of all Italian bank/postal branches and the locations served by them.