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The Collateral Management System is designed to respond to the new needs and challenges posed by the rapid evolution of the Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), Central Banks and Central Counterparties (CCPs) sector. The platform centrally governs the assets placed as collateral for the management of counterparty risks.

It is a modular system, built with a set of business components and a series of additional modules to address the specific peculiarities of the various central institutions; the configurability of the system allows users to follow the evolution of the business, offering them the possibility of adding new features that are compatible with the needs of each individual customer.

The platform is completed with the Smart Integrator Advanced solution for the integration of financial messaging that supports central institutions in optimising the automation of business processes. The solution provides all the features needed to develop complete integration of post-trading messaging from data transformation to business process management and the monitoring of activities.


Financial Market Surveillance Solutions

Our trading framework is analyses real-time data flow to identify market abuse and any manipulative practices.

Based on international best practices, our framework is a powerful complex-event processing engine based on standard monitoring algorithms, tailor-made ad-hoc analysis for end-users and analytical, real-time and post-trade dashboards.

The platform is aimed at market management companies and Supervisory Authorities to allow prompt surveillance of financial markets.

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Network Services

Credit Management

The experience gained in the design and implementation of networks for international financial communities also makes us a point of reference for Central Institutions that want to provide their services on secure and reliable network infrastructures.

Our offer provides:

  • connectivity for access to trading venues
  • co-location and proximity services
  • access to ESMIG (target services)