Open Banking

Service and solutions for Public Sector and Central Institutions

Our offer for local public transport companies

Servizi per aziende trasporto pubblico

Our service, based on contactless technology, allows secure payment, validation of the ticket and fast access to the means of transport by approaching the turnstiles with the contactless card, smartphone or other wearable devices now widely used. All of this guarantees the best applicable fare for the journey made.

With the centralized recharge of tickets, it is possible to recharge subscriptions on a transport card from different physical and virtual channels, eliminating queues at counters and costs for the transport company.

In addition, the service allows for unified daily reporting, independent of the recharge channels and payment instruments. 


Health and Welfare Services

Servizi per Sanità a Welfare

Our solutions in health and welfare allow Public Administration to improve the efficiency of processes and simplify the usability of services by users in the interaction between the public sector and businesses and citizens.

  • Dematerialization, disbursement and use of regional contributions for the purchase of products for celiacs
  • Management, billing and payment of health services 

In the Italian scenario, we provide the Public Administration with a payment system for celiac products that allows celiacs to use their bonuses to buy gluten-free products directly at the supermarket. Once the Citizen presents products at the checkout, the automated system will distinguish the products to be purchased from the agreed-upon gluten-free products.

We also offer a web service that allows online booking and administrative management of the medical profession. In addition, we are technology partners and service providers for managing electronic payment instruments, acquiring, financial reporting and help desk on all components. 


Public Sector Accounting

Our SIOPE + platform aims to integrate with SIOPE the operating systems of the customers of Public Bodies and therefore to improve the monitoring of the payment times of trade payables by integrating the information collected by SIOPE with those of the invoices registered by the Electronic Platform for the Credit Certification (PCC).

The platform provides:

  • integration with Corporate Banking, to allow Entities and the treasury bank itself to directly access treasury information (eg balances, daily collections, periodic printouts);
  • the sending, in complete autonomy, of the digital order, flows according to the legal standards (Circular ABI 36, etc.) and in the proprietary layout of the Bank;
  • access by authorized users (e.g. counter, service, back office) to their data and the monitoring, fulfilment/tracing of end-to-end orders, or from the creation of the shipment in the agency to the acceptance and execution by part of the service, to the treatments carried out in the back office.

It includes the OPI - Payment and Collection Order, electronic proof that thanks to the digital signature, has total administrative and accounting validity that can replace the paper order.


e-Invoicing and Digital Preservation - eDocument Keeper

According to STP (Straight Through Processing) logic, our zero-impact electronic invoicing solution automates the e-invoicing process, eliminating discontinuity in information flows, automatically reconciling financial and commercial information, and improving efficiency and cash flow management.
Our solution facilitates invoicing process (issue, shipment, presentation, storage).
It is also integrated with the Italian "Sistema Di Interscambio (SDI)" for electronic invoicing to the Public Administration thanks to the management of the PA path and interchange messaging.

The digital storage system guarantees authenticity, integrity, readability, and retrievability of electronic documents, adapting to different needs to ensure a "tailor-made" solution and avoid costly investments in maintaining and managing internal IT platforms.



Network Services for Public Sector

Our experience in designing and implementing networks for financial communities makes us a reference point also for Public Administration, from healthcare to central and local PA.

The connection and access service to the "Nodo dei Pagamenti-SPC" platform provides the PA service provider with a managed network, secure and compliant with PagoPA specifications, which require the functions of counterparty identification encryption of data transmissions and tracking of exchanged messages.

The connectivity between Public Administration entities includes the design, implementation, training and maintenance of WAN networks or the consolidation of existing connectivity services. The offer includes LANs with fully scalable solutions, from 100M to 100G, based on flexible architectures and non-stop operation.

The Transaction Collection service guarantees the complete management, from the network point of view, of the transport of the transaction from the POS terminal to the Terminal Manager and/or to the Acquirer, regardless of the connectivity technology of the POS terminal and its geographical location.




Blow The Whistle is the support service for reporting anomalous phenomena to those responsible for preventing corruption and references provided by law, making the reporting service effective for recipients and safe for senders.

Whistleblowers have at their disposal a portal that guides them in the compilation of the report, ensuring maximum confidentiality of the reporter.

Through the reports received, the person responsible for the prevention of corruption and any recipients can collect helpful information for drafting the Three-Year Plan for the Prevention of Corruption (P.T.C.P.) and implement measures and safeguards to prevent and contain the offences.

According to the specific needs, we can customise our solution to prevent corruption and allow ad hoc verification and control activities agreed with the institution.