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Mobile Payments

Mobile technology makes the payment experience even easier, more convenient and more immediate.

All our payment cards are enabled for mobile payments with all the operators on the market, so as to make easy payments via smartphones, smartwatches, smartbands and watches".

Smartphone payment solutions

Mobile Payments

We provide our customers with innovative solutions to pay directly from their smartphones in complete safety and simplicity.

Our customers can choose between:

Apple Pay

It allows all Customers to securely associate their payment cards with their Apple smartphone or smartwatch to make contactless purchases in stores, apps and on the web in a simple and secure way.

Google Pay

Customers who have smartphones with Android operating system can safely associate their payment card with the Google Pay service to pay directly from smartphones in all stores with contactless POS or on online sites enabled to accept Google Pay.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay allows all customers with Samsung smartphones and smartwatches to make payments directly from the device in all stores with contactless POSs. The association of the card with the Samsung Pay service is simple and secure and all payments are handled with maximum security (Touch ID or pin)


Smartwatch payment solutions

Wearable Payments

We offer our Customers the possibility of associating our payment cards with smartwatch devices.

Our customers can choose between:

Fitbit Pay

The Fitbit Pay service is available on compatible Fitbit smartwatches (with the payment service) and allows our Customers to make in-store payments via NFC technology on all contactless POSs.

Garmin Pay

To all our customers who use Garmin devices (compatible with the payment service) we offer the possibility to associate the payment card with Garmin Pay and pay in-store via NFC technology on all contactless POSs directly from their smartwatch.

Swatch Pay

For Customers who choose Swatch devices we offer the possibility to pay directly from their smartwatch in contactless mode in all stores

Xiaomi Pay

For Customers who have Xiaomi we have activated the possibility to associate our Mastercard Credit Cards with the smart band and pay contactless with the brand-new Xiaomi payment service.