Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Our Strategy

We are The European PayTech with the scale, the capabilities and the proximity to provide the simplest, fastest and safest payment solutions, to People, Businesses and Financial Institutions.

We serve Institutions, Banks, Corporate Clients, Merchants and end Consumers with the most innovative, secure and reliable payment solutions.

Being present in more than 25 Countries across Europe we are able to serve even the smallest business through high-end technological infrastructure, bridging the large international scale with local competence and service.



Nexi at a glance - FY 2023

€ 3,362 m

Operating revenues

€ 1,752 m



EBITDA margin

€601 m

Excess cash

~140 m


~2.9* m

* Number of terminals
Note: Nexi - Managerial data as they include M&A deals since the beginning of the period.
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