Nexi rating




The rating is a summary indicator of a company’s "creditworthiness" and is provided by various independent international agencies.

Below are Nexi's credit ratings assigned by the following Rating Agencies:

Moodys' Investors Service
S&P Global Ratings
Fitch Ratings

Current Ratings assigned to the company

  Moodys' Investors Service logo S&P Global Ratings logo Fitch Ratings logo
LT Corporate Family Ratings
LT Issuer Credit Rating
LT Issuer Default Rating
Ba3 BB- /Watch Pos* BB- /RWP**
Outlook Positive Watch Pos* RWP**
Last Review Date July 13th 2021 July 16th 2021 April 12th 2021

* CreditWatch with positive implications     **Rating Watch Positive

The announced mergers resulted in Nexi’s rating (BB- /Ba3/BB-) on CreditWatch Positive and positive outlook by S&P’s and Moody’s respectively, while Fitch put the rating on Rating Watch Positive after the SIA merger announcement.