Open Banking

Solutions for Capital Markets players

Management of new issues on the stock market

Thanks to our platform, Investment Banks can new issues on the stock market in support of all consortium and sales activities. The platform allows the management of different types of transactions, such as initial public offerings, subsequent issues and convertible bonds, simultaneously using Thomson Reuters data investor profiles and league tables, as well as news and a significant amount of exclusive research and analysis.

The availability of financial data and execution functions on a single platform ensures greater effectiveness in the deal management process and allows placement consortia to optimise their investment decisions.

Integration with Thomson Reuters Eikon makes this award-winning information and data platform a perfect choice for investment banks around the world.



We offer Financial Intermediaries a state-of-the-art multi-market access platform for trading, designed to meet the most complex and demanding requirements.

Our platform is characterised by high performance, flexibility and constant updating and is a modular solution that includes basic functionality modules that can be easily configured to meet the needs of the specific dealer.

It also provides for direct integration with the user's proprietary applications both to acquire data to be sent to the market, and to disseminate data from the market.


Digital Asset

Digital Asset Services is the secure and reliable platform for managing any type of digital asset, from securities to token utilities, from CBDCs to stablecoins. The conservation of assets is guaranteed by high security standards that ensure the secrecy of the keys and allow them to be used solely by the authorised owner. By constantly adapting to regulatory standards, the solution complies with AML and anti-terrorist financing requirements. Digital Asset services are compatible with the most important cryptocurrency protocols in use.


Public Tender for Sale Service

Our Public Tender for Sale service allows Institutional Investors who are members of consortia to participate in public tenders to sell or exchange shares or bonds, as a Global Coordinator or as a Placement Agent.

The system collects and  validates the subscription requests and makes them available to the Global Coordinator is the person that determines, during the allocation phase, the amount to be assigned for each request. This information is returned to the placement agents through the Public Tender for Sale service, provided centrally by SIA, to which banks can connect via RNI or SIAnet.NG (using Thema Spazio).