Open Banking

Central Banks

Clearing & Settlement

Our solutions for Central Banks are divided into an all-in-one or step-by-step offer, based on specific needs, integrating multiple solutions that allow users to operate effectively in the most diverse operating scenarios:

  • payment clearing
  • real time gross settlement system
  • extreme contingency service
  • smart business integrator
  • government payment settlements
  • clearing and settlement of instant payments and mobile payment solutions
  • central securities depositories for govies

Network Services

The experience gained in the design and implementation of networks for international financial communities also makes us a point of reference for Central Institutions that want to provide their services on secure and reliable network infrastructures.

Our offer provides:

  • access to ESMIG (target services)
  • instant payment secure messaging
  • connectivity for access to trading venues

Collateral Management

The Collateral Management System is designed to respond to the new needs and challenges posed by the rapid evolution of the Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), Central Banks and Central Counterparties (CCPs) sector. The platform centrally governs the assets placed as collateral for the management of counterparty risks.

It is a modular system, built with a set of business components and a series of additional modules to address the specific peculiarities of the various central institutions; the configurability of the system allows users to follow the evolution of the business, offering them the possibility of adding new features that are compatible with the needs of each individual customer.

Large Databases Management

In Italy, we manage the large data bases needed to perform credit activities and for the correct addressing of interbank instructions:

  • ABI-CAB-BIC and Archivio Piazze Bancarie (APIBA). The system archives that assign and disseminate the national ABI-CAB coordinates of all Italian bank/postal branches and the locations served by them.)
  • Central interbank alert system (CAI). Computerised archive of bank and postal cheques stolen or lost which constitutes a service of general economic interest aimed at ensuring the smooth functioning of the payment system
  • Automatic Coding Request (RAC). System Archive that assigns, registers and discloses the codes relating to companies, Bancomat ATMs and PagoBancomat merchants and points of sale
  • System registration data: Preparation and distribution of the information necessary for the addressing of operations within the interbank exchange procedures of SITRAD

Central Bank Digital Currency

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is the solution for the issuance, management and peer-to-peer exchange of digital currency that is developed in an application framework where the three actors involved, Central Institution, Intermediaries and users, interface on the managed platform in end-to-end mode.