Clearing & Settlement

Payment Clearing

Clear is a secure and efficient solution for handling large volumes of retail payments. It consists of a pre-settlement form for receiving the instructions that guide the clearing activities and the sending of the settlement instructions to the RTGS system for the post-settlement phase. The solution is based on the international standard ISO 20022 and can be integrated with the RTGS system thus complying with the guidelines on the Automated Transfer Systems of the World Bank.

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Real Time Gross Settlement System

The RTGS is a new generation platform for the settlement in real time of large-value payments, It has a modular approach: it offers cutting-edge functionality while providing the freedom and flexibility needed to adapt the Central Bank system to the specific needs of individual countries. The platform is scalable, not only in terms of the actual speed of transactions, but also in terms of functionality, allowing the Central Bank to have an efficient fund transfer system and processes in line with international best practices.

Extreme Contingency Service

The RTGS platform also includes the Extreme Contingency service to provide Central Banks with a third site that can be activated in the event of an emergency following disasters, malicious attacks, network failures, natural or accidental disasters.

Smart business integrator

The settlement offer for Central Banks is enriched with XHUB, a modular application for smart business integration to consolidate the various customised payment processes as modules in a single standardised application hub. The transaction processing logic and rules are handled as settings, which can be changed as business requirements change.

Government Payments Settlement

Paygov is a settlement solution aimed at Central Banks to support the government in the processing of incoming and outgoing payments, increasing not only the efficiency in making and receiving payments, but also allowing effective liquidity management on a national scale.

Clearing and settlement of instant payments and mobile payment solutions

Express is the automated solution that performs clearing and settlement for instant payments, enabling those who pay and receive to access their funds in real time, making transactions at any time through the use of ISO20022 standard XML messages. The system is integrated with the mobile payment solution to allow citizens to send and receive money and make payments in real time through their smartphones in a safe and fast way.

Central Banks Clearing and Settlements

Central Securities Depository for govies

A reliable, secure system designed to meet the demand of emerging economies for a user-friendly accounting system that takes into account the requirements of central securities deposits, often delegated for the share of government securities to the Central Banks.