Open Banking

Open banking

A complete open banking offering

Nexi Open is an innovative open ecosystem which responds to the technological needs and requirements of Banks’ business models, helping them take the next step and build open banking business solutions.

Nexi Open Banking Structure


CBI Globe Active Functionality

CBI, together with its Partner Nexi, is at the forefront in supporting banks to seize the opportunities enabled by Open Banking.

The CBI Globe solution supports Banks and third parties to operate as “Third-Party Providers” (TPP), standardizing access to open banking through the integration of Italian and European gateways and ASPSPs.

The solution therefore allows all registered entities to reach with a single integration 100% of the Italian banks and a continuously expanding number of financial institutions on the European territory, making the offer of Open Banking services simpler and faster for all entities interested in becoming an active TPP. In this way, CBI Globe "Active Functionality" stands as an enabling platform for the transformation of Open Banking from a pure regulatory requirement to a business opportunity.

The CBI Globe "Active Functionality" solution includes the functional services and infrastructures modules necessary for the third party, solving technical and process difficulties, so that it is possible to focus on services to end Customers and to seize the business opportunities enabled by PSD2.

CBI Globe Compliance and VAS

CBI, together with its partner Nexi, has developed CBI Globe, a platform that enables and simplifies the interconnection between Banks, as Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSP), and Third Parties (TPP), in order to comply with PSD2 regulations, while ensuring a high level of consumer protection.

The platform offers an API interface that allows end customers to access their accounts from Third-Party applications.


Open Banking Services

Our Open Banking solution offers plug-and-play business solutions that support the digital transformation process of banks and are available to our customers as a results of the many partners in the ecosystem.

Our services:

Payment Initiation Service

PIS (Payment Initiation Service)
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Account Information Service

AISP (Account Information Service)
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Financial Management (PFM/BFM)
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Open Credit and Instant Lending

Open Credit e Instant Lending
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Account Information Service

Check IBAN
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Digital Insurance

Digital Insurance

Digital Wealth Management

Cross border transfers

Cross-border transfers

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Digital Currencies

Core banking

Core banking

Other Digital Services

Other Digital Services


Our Partners

We collaborate with a wide range of companies, fintechs, open innovators and startups, which are already part of the ecosystem, who operate in different business areas and want to bring onto the market their offerings and use cases.

We monitor the most interesting international startups and work constantly to make their innovation available to our partner banks.

Our partnerships cover the whole range of Banks’ strategies.

Use cases range from insurance and cryptocurrencies to investment advisory and cross border payments.


Highly innovative companies
Open Innovators
The most important European accelerators
Big Tech and global consulting firms


Open Banking & ESG - Sustainability

Open banking can play an important role in the shared effort to adopt an inclusive growth model oriented towards sustainability, offering information transparency, security on sensitive data and new spaces for growth for fintechs, which are generally particularly attentive to sustainability. At the same time, given the growing sensitivity to this area, it can also offer to financial operators new market spaces.

We aim to innovate the country together with our partner banks through the digitalisation of payment systems and solutions for all customers, including in the area of open banking. Our goal is to increase our offering of value-added services for our partner banks, thanks to solutions that are useful for users and for the environment, for example by allowing them to track emissions linked to their transactions.


Digital Trade Finance

Digital management of Trade Finance activities through a scalable solution that can be easily integrated with the bank's Information System.

Digital Trade Finance is the ideal application solution for credit institutions that want to digitally manage all the events directly and indirectly connected with typical Trade Finance operations, in particular

  • the processing of Documentary Credits
  • documentary Collections
  • international guarantees
  • export/Import advances. 

The phases managed by the solution range from pre-contractual analyses (e.g. evaluation and consultancy on the issue of Import/Export Documentary Credits and International Guarantees) to pre-analysis, analysis and checking of documents in use/execution and settlement of transactions.