Nexi Purpose

European by scale, local by nature

Scale, capabilities and proximity to drive progress

Who we are

We are The European PayTech with scalecapabilities and proximity to provide the simplest, fastest and safest payment solutions to People, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Large International Corporations, Banks, Institutions and Public Administrations.

We come from the merger and integration of Nexi, Nets and Sia, among the biggest European players in digital payments, and we are now present in more than 25 countries.


in Acquiring for number of merchants served


in Acquiring for overall transaction value handled


in Issuing for number of payment cards managed

Nexi at a glance FY 2023

~2.9 m

Merchants (Number of terminals)

~140 m



Top Financial Institutions


Payment specialists

€ 3,362 m


€ 1,752 m


Our Purpose

We drive progress by simplifying transactions and by empowering people and businesses to enjoy closer relationships and prosper together.

Cashless Europe

We want to shape the way People pay and Businesses accept payments, by offering to our Customers the most innovative and reliable solutions, thanks to our scale and the competence and energy of our people. 

We will drive the transition to a cashless Europe by making every payment digital because it is simpler, faster and safer for everyone.


We strongly contribute to Europe’s digitalisation, managing our business in a sustainable way and with great attention to the environment, as well as to a transparent governance and to society.   

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We offer a complete range of innovative solutions for digital payments in both card‑present and card‑not‑present acceptancee-commerce and multi-channel solutions.  

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Group's tranformation path

1 Jan 2022 Nexi, Nets and Sia, become Nexi Group.

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