Legal notice


Nexi Group operates in accordance with the principles and values of the Code of Ethics, promoting a corporate culture based on ethical behaviour and good governance, thus fostering a business environment that encourages the reporting of unacceptable behaviour.

Nexi has adopted a Group Whistleblowing policy to promote an environment that contributes to open communication and protection of Whistleblowers (both internal and external to the Group) in relation to reporting of unlawful conduct or violations of regulations that may have an impact (e.g. sanctions, financial, reputational, etc.) on the Group as a whole. 

The Company has implemented an independent and autonomous whistleblowing reporting channel which ensure the confidentiality and non-disclosure of reports. The Company aims to respond promptly, with transparency and in confidentiality to all reports that come to its knowledge.

Ways of Reporting:

Please submit the report, either signed or anonymously, accessing the Whistleblowing tool.

For any additional detail required please refer to the Nexi Group Whistleblowing Policy.

Whistleblowing Policies of the Nexi companies in the Italian perimeter