Cards and mobile payments

Card-issuing and Mobile Payments


Payment cards

Always looking at payments from the client’s perspective, we believe that cards and smartphones are the most secure and convenient ways to pay and we make sure that transactions are always simple and error-free.

We provide banks with a variety of technologically advanced products and solutions for payments, as well as value-added services for their customers.

We offer a wide range of Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards, and a number of mobile solutions for smartphone and smartwatch payments.

We create tailored offers for our partner banks handling operational management and commercial distribution while also taking care of their customers with a dedicated engagement program.

Our comprehensive set of payment cards:

Credit cards


We offer solutions for every private individual or business need: charge and installment revolving payments available on all cards, digital services for mobile payments, an app for expense tracking and card management, insurance, assistance and fraud prevention and management.

Moreover, we also provide virtual cards for working capital optimization and large‑scale purchases for medium to large companies.


Debit cards


Our advanced debit products integrate and enhance banks’ product offering and are aimed at the whole customer base, both consumer and commercial.

Our international debit cards stand out for their functionality and services: they are accepted for withdrawals at every ATM worldwide, they allow contactless and mobile in-store payments as well as purchases on e-commerce stores, and have several security features and self-service options.

Prepaid cards


Our prepaid offer includes contactless cards that can be recommended for online purchases, allowances, travelling abroad, crediting salaries and for expenses of non-residents in Italy.

Our offer also comprises prepaid products for companies, which allow greater expense transparency and control as well as a more efficient verification and reconciliation processes.


Mobile payments & Wereables

Mobile payments

Mobile technology applies to all the solutions we provide and makes the payment experience even simpler, faster and more immediate, with a positive impact on frequency of use and reducing the average transaction amount.

We offer any existing solution such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and Swatch Pay, empowering customers to easily pay with their smartphones and smartwatches.

Security first

Thanks to our security protocols and to the cutting-edge technology we employ for fraud prevention and management, we guarantee maximum protection to consumers and companies who use Nexi cards for their payments, whether traditional or remote.

We verify spending behaviors daily and, if any anomaly is detected, we protect our clients and always provide support.

Moreover, taking advantage of notification services, it is possible to monitor each card use and, thanks to advanced functionalities regarding purchaser identity verification, we make online payments completely secure as well.

Customer value management

Our offer to banks includes customer engagement and customer value management initiatives.

In fact, we design, structure and create custom marketing campaigns, caring initiatives and special promotions through several channels that help banks improve their customers’ satisfaction and foster the relationship with them even further. All the more reason to pay digitally.

We offer banks a wide range of multi-channel and multi-step solutions to increase the value of their customer relationships.

Thanks to our tested campaigns, modular and ready to use, and the continuous support of a dedicated team that helps with targeting and finding the best mechanism, as well as providing an end-to-end execution and data analysis, our solutions are perfect for any customer value management initiative.

We use the most advanced systems of marketing automation and employ both advanced and standard analytics methods, in order to create the business case, KPI and target.