Cards and mobile payments

Card-issuing and Mobile Payment Management

Payment Cards

Payment cards

We provide Banks with a complete range of technologically advanced payment products and solutions, as well as a range of value-added services dedicated to their Customers.

We look at payments through the eyes of the Customer and we are committed to making transactions simple and flawless, because we are convinced that paying by card or smartphone is safer, easier and more practical for everyone. 

We offer a wide range of Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards alongside all the mobile solutions available for payments with smartphones and smartwatches. 

We also develop tailor-made offers for our Partner Banks, taking care of operational management and commercial distribution, in addition to taking care of their Customers with a dedicated engagement program.

A complete offer of payment cards:

Credit card offer

Payment solutions to meet all the needs of Consumers and Companies: balance payments with the possibility of modular refunds, digital services for mobile payments, apps for the control of expenses and for card management, insurance, assistance, security services and fraud prevention. Virtual cards are also available for the payment of commercial supplies and the purchase of travel solutions allowing the optimisation of working capital for medium and large companies.


Debit card offer

A complete range of innovative debit products that contribute to enriching and enhancing the banking offer of payment cards directed to Private Customers and Companies. International debit cards are distinguished by features and services:

  • They allow online payments on all e-commerce websites.
  • They are contactless and can be used for phone and smartwatch payments.
  • They allow cash withdrawals at all the ATMs in the world.
  • They can be managed via the app for the monitoring of expenses and the activation of the main services.

All our debit cards have dedicated insurance protections.

Prepaid card offer

Our prepaid card offer is designed for customers looking for free spending with the security of a card that can be topped up at any time, without the need to link it to a bank account. Equipped with contactless technology, they can be assigned to minors and customers not resident in Italy and be used for online and in-store purchases.

In addition, we also offer products for Companies that allow more transparency and control of business expenses and greater efficiency with verification and reconciliation processes.



Mobile & Wereable payments

Mobile payments

Mobile technology applies to all the solutions we offer and makes the payment experience even easier, faster and more immediate, also significantly affecting the frequency of use and the reduction in the average amount of transactions.

To allow easy payment with any smartphone and smartwatch, we provide all the existing solutions: Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin and Swatch.


Security above all

Thanks to our security protocols and the advanced technologies we adopt to manage and prevent fraud, we guarantee maximum protection on purchases and payments for the Consumers and Companies who choose our payment cards, at physical points of sale, online and remotely.

In addition, with the notification services holders can control every use of the payment card and, thanks to advanced features for verifying the identity of the purchaser, even online payments reach high levels of security.


Digital Factory

We offer our Banks a solution to offer multi-channel digital services dedicated to the consumer world based on a totally in-App, intuitive and real-time experience.
The solution allows the execution times of the on-boarding and contracting processes to be optimised, the redemption of new services to be speeded up and ongoing practices to be monitored. The components are:

  • Bridge: a single interface that manages the processes and interactions of components, from and to the back-end of the bank and the solution and third-party modules
  • SDK: allows the customer to easily and quickly develop the front-end, through simple action in calls, concentrating the activities on the development of captivating and effective User Experiences
  • Front end: customer support in the definition and development of all phases: Service Design, User Experience and User Interface
  • Back-office portal: manages the flow of aggregated data and allows monitoring of the performance of activities


Customer value management and loyalty services

We are also at the service of the Banks for the creation of Customer Engagement and Customer Value Management initiatives.

We design, set up and implement loyalty programs, personalised marketing campaigns, caring initiatives and special multi-channel promotions that help Banks to improve customer satisfaction and relationships with them.

We offer Banks a wide range of tested, modular and ready-to-use campaigns to implement Customer Value Management initiatives with the support of a team and dedicated tools at every stage: from the study of the mechanics to targeting, from end-to-end execution to the analysis of results.

We also have advanced marketing automation systems and use basic and advanced analytical methods to create business cases, KPIs and targets.

We also provide Issuers with loyalty systems that allow them to offer their customers a monetary bonus card for purchases made with the Merchant participating in the initiative.

The service involves the automatic calculation of the bonus and the disbursement through a cashback on the accounts/cards issued by the Issuer and the related issue of the invoice to the Merchant.