In store payments acceptance solutions

POS solutions to accept in‑store payments

SmartPOS terminals

Nexi SmartPOS® is a range of advanced POS acceptance terminals, which allow all digital payments to be accepted and supports Merchants and Professionals in managing their activities directly from a POS terminal thanks to an ecosystem of integrated APPS

Merchants can download a wide variety of services from the dedicated APP store, selected on the basis of their specific needs, such as distance selling, order management, taxi booking, collection of opinions and advice from customers, management of discount vouchers and loyalty programs and turn the POS into a business management tool.

Nexi SmartPOS® is also available in the Cashier version, which combines in a single device the POS solution and the Electronic Cash Register for sending fees, compliant with tax regulations and with the tax revisions included.




A small, lightweight POS acceptance terminal, to be used on the move, combining it with your smartphone through a special App, to accept digital payments wherever the customer is.

Versatile and portable, MobilePOS is the perfect payment acceptance solution for Merchants and Professionals who carry out their sales activities on the move (for example during fairs or for home deliveries).

Home delivery


Traditional POS acceptance terminals

Simple solutions to manage the acceptance of digital payments, in compliance with the highest security requirements.

A wide range of models that includes fixed, cordless and portable solutions, to easily respond to any need.



With our SoftPOS we offer Merchants a technological solution capable of transforming a smartphone and tablet with Android operating system into terminals capable of accepting contactless and QR-code-based payments without the need to have a physical POS acceptance terminal.