Digital Payments offer

Digital payments

Account‑to‑Account Money transfers 

Our solutions are based on the SEPA Credit Transfer and make it easier to create a national and European ecosystem for money transfers.

They are available for all banks operating in the Single Euro Payments Area and allow users to send and receive money from and to smartphones through a dedicated app.

Debited and credited amounts are processed in real time either on the current account, on the payment account, or on a card provided with IBAN code.

Instant Payments

Choosing Instant Payments means choosing a platform for the interbank management of IBAN-based real time payments that guarantees maximum security and traceability of payment.

Our Instant Payments service works in a simplified manner and significantly reduces the time for money transfer with immediate payment, also from mobile.

The Instant Payments platform handles interbank clearing & settlement processes of real time IBAN-based payments and has been certified by the Eurosystem (ECB and national central banks of Eurozone countries).

The system uses a consolidated and advanced technological platform which provides maximum reliability and an open infrastructure that ensures guarantees maximum security, traceability of payments and allows easy integration with the bank’s systems. 

Choosing us as a partner for Instant Payments guarantees:

  • Additional remuneration for the instant service operation
  • Expansion of the commercial offer to both corporate customers and private individuals
  • Acquisition of new market shares, on transactions that are dominated by other payment methods and other players
  • The chance of positioning the bank’s image as innovation oriented

Other components of our Instant Payments offer:

  • Use cases consultancy, consisting of support for defining of the value proposition and the economics for different uses cases according to the needs of the Bank and of its Customers
  • Gateway, to make the service available in multi-channel and even in outsourcing
  • Intermediation service, which minimizes impacts for Banks.

Clearing & settlement Processes

We give Banks and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) access to the world of domestic and international payments, offering them the opportunity to join either directly or indirectly the Application Centre of Italy’s RNI (Rete Nazionale Interbancaria - national interbank network) for domestic services as well as the Automated Clearing House (ACH) for SEPA (Single European Payments Area) services.

We can therefore support Banks in handling all Clearing & Settlement processes.

ACH & infrastructural services intermediation

Our solutions enable even small entities, which are inherently outsourcing-oriented, to access the world of payments carrying out the settlement of Domestic, SEPA, Cross Border, Target2 and Setif payments.

We also act as Settlement Agent within international networks to settle credit and debit card transactions.

This set of services also includes intermediation and settlement between partner banks and billers of payments made online and via ATM such as utility bills and mobile top-ups.

Additional services for bank payments

  • IBAN check

  • Check-handling solutions by check-image truncation, and solutions for the handling of notes, utility bills cashed at partner banks branches, Telepass and pension payments

  • State-of-the-art payment services, such as AgID – PagoPA, acting as both technology partner and payment service provider, and MyBank, with the double role of service provider and registering agent.