Digital Payments offer

Digitisation & eSecurity Services

Customer identification

eDigital identification can be crucial when customers are onboarding or given access to systems and personal data. Thanks to our services their online identity is always verified and ensured.

We offer trusted digital identities, national eID schemes in Nordic countries, focusing on strong authentication and online identification to strengthen businesses, reducing costs and increasing customer loyalty. 


Digital signing for secure, easy and fast onboarding

A successful digital customer process means that the parties enter into a formal and legally binding agreement that requires personal approval, i.e. signing. With our digital signing service employees, customers, and suppliers can sign contracts, loans and other binding documents online using their digital identity.  

We offer various digital signing services that make signing easier, smarter and more efficient and that can be adapted to the needs of each business.


Digital archive for a more efficient and secure business

Storing all business documents and personal data online makes it easier to share and manage them according to common rules across locations and countries.


eID solutions

Our eID scheme is a flexible, modular and scalable solution, that easily adapts to our customers' needs, solving their problems and helping them securely grow their business.