Network Services

The secure messaging solutions are:

  • end-to-end, based on the ownership of all components and a service and responsibility perimeter that includes the design, supply, monitoring, management and capacity of the entire service
  • secure by design: total privacy compliance that derives from peer-to-peer architecture and attention to data confidentiality. SIAnet in fact has been designed to exclude both access to data by the Network Service Provider and central data storing.

Secure messaging for access to ESMIG (target services)

The network solution for accessing ESMIG with guaranteed end-to-end service levels. Our secure messaging services allow users to connect via the single ESMIG access interface to the Eurosystem's Market Infrastructure: Target2 for the settlement of payments of a considerable amount, Target2 Securities for the settlement of securities, TIPS for the settlement of instant payments and Eurosystem Collateral Management System (ECMS) for the management of Eurosystem collateral, as well as for any future services that the Eurosystem may wish to implement.

Instant payment secure messaging

Our long-term experience as a provider of network solutions for critical infrastructures in the international financial system has led to the creation of a new, secure messaging technology with low PSP-to-PSP latency. The service meets the specific requirements of instant payment and instant clearing systems in terms of:

  • low latency
  • security
  • privacy compliance
  • scalability
  • ease of integration into any application environment
  • compatibility with the SCTinst scheme

Connectivity for access to trading venues

SIAnet Financial Ring allows Central Institutions to access, through a single high-speed and low-latency network infrastructure, the main international Trading Venues using hubs in Milan, London, Frankfurt, Budapest and New York.