Public Sector

Public Sector

Our offer

Together with our Partner Banks we can support Public Administration on a special projects that encourage digital payments acceptance and support innovation and digitalisation of the public institutions payments infrastructure for the benefit of European citizens and community as a whole.

Payment acceptance at the counter

Through our advanced POS acceptance terminals, public administrations can improve payment acceptance processes at the counter, therefore offering an increasingly faster and more efficient service.

Ranging from the traditional card reader with PIN pad to the cordless POS acceptance terminals, our solutions facilitate the digital transformation in city council offices, hospitals and public administration facilities, as well as on public transport.

E-commerce solutions

Our e-commerce solutions provide public administration with:

  • A system that makes the online payment of any tax and service quick and simple

  • A control panel for the payment of services that are provided to citizens

  • Simplification of balancing and payment reconciliation

Unattended payments

Our self-service technology range includes:

  • Devices for supplying information and disposition services (payment of subsidised medical care, taxes, fines and services, payment notifications and PagoPA payments)
  • Systems for reception and remote virtual counter, both integrated with the self-service offer

A multichannel payment system

Our multi-channel platforms allow:

  • Management of all payment types (e-commerce, mobile, recurring payments, one-click payments, IBAN based payments, etc.)
  • Integration with third-parties legacy systems 
  • Queue management >and provision of customisable reception services