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We know payments in hospitality

A seamless end-to-end hospitality solution across all physical and digital touchpoints, allowing you to focus on your customer, not payments.

Invisible, integrated, and highly personalised

A hyper-personalised experience

Nexi elevates the hospitality industry by delivering unforgettable experiences. Our integrated solutions ensure guests feel recognised at every touchpoint, from personalised emails to in‑room experiences. Recognising the importance of guest satisfaction, Nexi's value-added services amplify the guest experience, creating a unique and personalised stay.

A truly unified experience

Nexi revolutionises hospitality with a seamless, unified experience from reservation to check-out, including efficient back-of-house reconciliations. Our omnichannel solutions converge physical and digital touchpoints, eliminating the need for guests to repeatedly present their cards and allowing freedom in currency and payment method selection. With Nexi's integrated e-commerce, point-of-sale, and acquiring solutions, we simplify and enhance the guest experience, streamlining collaboration across various touchpoints.

First class digitalisation abilities

We know hospitality is a diverse industry with a fragmented nature of its payment landscape, our goal is to simplify and streamline the end-to-end digital processes. Through our partnership with Global Blue, we provide excellence in omnichannel solutions, enhancing the payment experience while minimising card data maintenance costs through tokenization. This ensures a cost-effective payment solution tailored to meet all your needs.

Increase your sales by offering the payment methods your customers prefer 

We offer a seamless customer experience

In-store payments

Our payment terminals ensure seamless, secure checkout. Contactless, mobile integration and self-service kiosks streamline payments, letting you focus on customers.


Experience seamless sales with Nexi SoftPOS, transforming your phone into a POS terminal. Capture every sales opportunity for your on-the-go customers with ease. Enjoy flexible payment solutions for a personalised customer experience.


Invest in robust e-commerce platforms to expand reach and boost sales. Mobile optimisation, user-friendly navigation, and secure payments attract and retain customers.


Integrate stores, online, and apps for omnichannel shopping. Click-and-collect, real-time tracking, and unified profiles ensure consistency.

Value-added services

Hotels enhance satisfaction with personalised services and loyalty rewards. Data analytics helps you understand customer preferences an provide a better service.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

DCC enables foreign customers to pay in their currency for better transparency and instant comparison to local costs. You will also earn kickbacks on transactions at no extra cost.


By choosing Nexi, you get the following benefits

Smooth customer journey

For the busy traveller, saving time by avoiding re-registering the card across platforms is highly valuable. Nexi delivers this seamless customer experience at every interaction point.

Elevate and exceed guest expectations

We prioritise integrated PMS for all payments, automated reconciliation, and a smooth self-check-in/out experience. In a sector filled with numerous touchpoints and interactions, we strive to make the payment process effortless.

A wide array of payment options

Customers arrive from various countries with distinctive currencies and payment preferences. Nexi enables you to accept payments in foreign currencies through DCC and via a variety of payment options, including alternative payment options such as Apple Pay or Alipay

Some of our customers

Customer stories

Geilogruppen: every ski lodge stay deserves a lift

“We encountered varied requirements, from stationary terminals at reception to wireless terminals in our catering facilities and a booking solution for our websites. Nets addressed all these needs, offering seamlessly integrated payment solutions that are compatible with our systems. Consolidating everything under one supplier simplified management and provided us with the best total solution.”

Roger Espeli CEO, Geilogruppen


Read more about Geilogruppen

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