Customer Case Study, March 21st 2024

Every Ski Lodge Stay Deserves a Lift: Geilogruppen Enhances Customer Skiing Experience with Nexi's Comprehensive Payment Solutions

Whether you're hitting the slopes in the Alps or exploring the snowy wonders of Norway, your quest is for the ultimate and most seamless experience for you and your travel companions.

There is a higher need than ever to deliver a tailored customer experience that goes beyond mere convenience, aiming to maximize revenue streams whether guests engage in activities in-person, book online, or explore various lodge offerings.

Hassle-free checkouts and smooth payment processes play a big role in enhancing convenience for customers. Imagine seamless payments as thrilling as gearing up for the first snowfall with your skis – an exciting experience you're about to dive into.

About Geilogruppen: Exceptional Hospitality, Diverse Experiences

Owned by Merkantilbygg AS, Geilogruppen manages upscale hotels—Bardøla Høyfjellshotell, Highland Lodge, and Vestlia Resort.

Their service portfolio includes everything from restaurants, water parks, and spas, to one of Norway's largest mountain conference halls.

Committed to excellence, Geilogruppen provides unparalleled hospitality and diverse experiences in the breath-taking landscapes of Norway. 

The Challenge

Geilogruppen embarked on a mission to elevate their customer experience by seamlessly integrating both in-store, online and across channels. Their goal was to find a supplier capable of delivering cutting-edge solutions for both realms, with a particular emphasis on streamlining the check-in process to save time and enhance efficiency.

“We encountered varied requirements, from stationary terminals at reception to wireless terminals in our catering facilities, along with a booking solution for our websites. Nexi addressed all these needs, offering seamlessly integrated payment solutions compatible with our systems. Consolidating everything under one supplier not only simplified management but also provided us with the best total solution.” 

Roger Espeli CEO, Geilogruppen

The Solution

In response to Geilogruppen’s challenge, Nexi stepped in providing a holistic solution that addressed both in-store and online needs. The key components of Nexi's solution included terminals strategically placed at reception for physical transactions, and terminals seamlessly integrated into the restaurant for a flexible dining experience.

Online shopping was revolutionized through the implementation of an advanced booking system that allowed customers to effortlessly reserve their stay. To further enhance the dining experience, Nexi introduced a QR code system at the tables, enabling guests to make payments conveniently through their mobile phones.

“We and our customers rely on these solutions daily for seamless payment processing. Ensuring functionality and stability is paramount to us. Through the merchant portal, we gain comprehensive insights into our company's performance, including settlement data and card transactions, enhancing our operational efficiency and decision-making processes.”

Roger Espeli CEO, Geilogruppen

The Result

The implementation of Nexi's comprehensive solution yielded significant results and benefits for the Geilogruppen:

Cross-channel payments

Cross-Channel Seamless Payments

Customers can now pay seamlessly across both physical and online channels, utilizing either their cards or mobile phones. This unified payment experience enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cross-channel payments

Efficiency and Time Savings


The integration of stationary terminals at reception and wireless terminals in the restaurant has streamlined the check-in process, saving valuable time for both customers and staff.

Cross-channel payments

Improving Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Internal Efficiency 

In an effort to streamline Geilogruppen's operations and ensure a consistent, reliable payment infrastructure, Nexi presents an all-in-one solution.

Cross-channel payments

Superior Customer Service for an Elevated Experience 

Partnering with a European-scale payment provider offers merchants the advantage of broad expertise and resources.
Our local-by-nature approach ensures tailored solutions and support, allowing the merchant to navigate unique market dynamics seamlessly and provide an enhanced experience for guests.

“The collaboration with Nexi works well! In navigating the complexities of payment solutions and agreements, partnering with Nexi provides us with a streamlined and dedicated supplier for all our payment needs.”

 Roger Espeli CEO, Geilogruppen



"Knowing Hospitality and Payments, we aim to deliver seamless end-to-end solutions - across physical and digital touchpoints, allowing you to focus on your customer, not on payments.”

Simon Buchwaldt-Nissen Senior Vice President of Hospitality, Smart Mobility & Financial Services, Nexi

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