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We provide our merchants with digital payment solutions that enable fast and secure transactions in-store, on the go and online.

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A fast, secure, seamless payment experience is at the heart of every purchase. Our ambition is to evolve with our valued Customers, offering solutions that are constantly in tune with market dynamics and introducing cutting-edge innovations that precisely meet the evolving needs of consumers.

We offer complete and innovative solutions designed with the end-user in mind, providing and supporting Large Merchants with digital payment solutions tailored to elevate the customer experience, aligning seamlessly with the latest market trends and the dynamic evolution of distribution channels.

Whether simplifying complex operations, expanding your product range, or cultivating more prosperous and intuitive customer interactions, our POS solutions and digital offerings effortlessly cater to all payment requirements, unlocking fresh possibilities for your business.

Traditional and smart POS terminals 

  • SmartPOS range: a complete suite of services adapted to the different needs of Corporate Customers, certified and compliant with all security protocols
  • Traditional fixed, cordless and portable POS acceptance terminals: using the best technologies to guarantee security and speed of payments. It is ideal for accepting contactless payments of any amount by card, smartphone or wearable.
  • SoftPOS is the acceptance solution that turns your device into a full-fledged payment terminal
  • MobilePOS acceptance terminal is the ideal solution for accepting card payments out-of-store, on the move, and associating the POS terminal with any smartphone, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.


Unified Commerce

With the rise of online shopping, it's becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to offer their customers a seamless and integrated shopping experience. With our payment solutions stack, you can combine in-store and online shopping experiences to serve your customers across all their preferred channels, anywhere and anytime. 
Together with Companies, we design the best omnichannel payment experience for Customers, ensuring unified reporting.

E-commerce solutions

Reliable and comprehensive payment acceptance solutions that can be fully integrated with the leading e-commerce platforms. They can be easily integrated into the merchant's website and app to accept single, recurring or linked payments.