Norway, July 10th 2024

Nets Norway Transparency Act Report 2023

We are happy to share our latest Transparency Act Report, presenting our progress in assessing value chain sustainability risks and principles.

At Nets Norway and across all Nets, we've strengthened our sustainability third-party risk management framework, advancing preparations for CSDDD. Moving beyond sole desktop risk assessments, we are dedicated to actively following up on sustainable factors without relying solely on third-party data.

Our primary objective is to identify misalignments within our value chain concerning Nets’ standards and understand the reasons behind them. While moving away from suppliers is a last resort, our aim is to support our suppliers in enhancing their operations, targets, and behaviours for the long term. By doing so, we positively contribute to the entire industry.

Effective value chain management ensures that Nets’ high standards extend beyond our operations to encompass the entire supply chain. This comprehensive approach provides our clients and end-users with the assurance that the commitment and quality they expect from Nets are consistent across all levels, especially in the most fragmented and risk-prone areas.

If you are interested in discover more, read the Nets Norway Transparency Act Report 2023.