Enterprise Risk Management process Nexi

Nexi's Enterprise Risk Management process

What does Risk mean for Nexi

Nexi ERM process includes four different steps: identification, evaluation, response and monitoring.

  1. Risk identification
    Identify main risks that could affect key value drivers and / or threaten the capability to realize strategies and achieve expected goals.
  2. Risk evaluation
    Assess the severity of identified risks and the level of vulnerability to them, in order to agree on risk management priorities.
  3. Risk response
    Define specific action plans for risks on which it is considered appropriate to strengthen risk management system.
  4. Risk monitoring
    Periodically monitor action plan to ensure proper and timely risk mitigations.

Risk Categories potentially applicable to Nexi

To simplify risk identification, Nexi has built its own risk model designed with the aim of considering all types of risks that may be applicable to the Group, including Environment, Social & Governance ones.

Risks, divided among those caused by external and internal sources, are classified in 4 categories according to the scheme: