Digital Payment Acceptance

Hotels and Resorts
Restaurants (Restaurants, fast food chains, food delivery)

Merchant Needs

Our understanding of a unique and personalized guest experience:​

Hotels need a seamless customer journey approach that integrates payments across all touchpoints (e.g. front desk, homepage, app, mail, phone). Payment should be as invisible in the processes as possible, your guests should not be asked to present a card. Providing easy access to additional services to your guests is of importance for you. ​

Offering a wide range of payment options incl. the Dynamic Currency Converter  (DCC) ensuring the convenience of guests to pay in their home currency and their preferred payment mean makes a difference. ​

Automation & Digitalization: ​

Integration to all relevant PMS Systems and easy reconciliation is a must have in the hotel industry ​

Our offer

  • Seamless integration to major PMS (Property Management System)
  • Dedicated Nexi contact who understands your business and supports you​
  • Dynamic Currency Converter (DCC) to boost your business​
  • Full range of payment methods ( APMs, local schemes and international cards), modern terminal and E-Com Solutions ​
  • Easy accounting reconciliation via our Nexi Portal and personalized reports 
  • SoftPOS complimentary to traditional terminals as well as a broad range of Value-Added-Services and partners.

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