PayDo S.p.A. is an Italian fintech start-up founded by Donato Vadruccio to offer European Banks, Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions and their corporate or retail customers a digital payment platform called Plick.

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Plick is an open solution that enables account-to-account payments, either immediately or at an agreed future payment date, to anyone in the SEPA area, without knowing the bank details of the payee and without amount limits. Furthermore, it does not require a closed circuit or any new application or registration.

Payers, both retail and corporate, can access Plick directly from their Internet, mobile or corporate banking application and make payments simply by entering the mobile phone number or email address of the payee. If the payer is a company, the payee's user experience is fully customisable, to the point of making Plick a system for establishing a new relationship with the payee and not simply a tool used to finalise a transaction. The payee receives the Plick payment via WhatsApp, SMS or email and accepts it by entering the IBAN. Moreover, if the payee authorises the automatic acceptance feature, they will simply have to cash all subsequent Plick payments below €200.

Anyone can receive a payment, even if they are not a client of a partner Institution, without registering for any service and without the need for specific hardware or software. The outcome of the transaction is immediate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during holydays.

Based on APIs, Plick is easily integrated, fully customisable and highly adaptable to the specific needs of customers and users, both corporate and retail.

The partnership with Nexi represents a concrete example of collaborative Open Banking between a platform, a fintech company and financial institutions, all with the same goal of offering a better service to the end customer. Thanks to the partnership agreement, Nexi will provide its partner institutions with a value-added service such as Plick, to support them in improving the payment experience.