Nexi People


Training is viewed as a strategic lever at Nexi Group and it is delivered via an integrate system of personalized schemes via innovative methods and approaches, each striving to harness and develop the skills, capabilities and passions. Training is provided using a range of tools and highly differentiated contents, all of which inspired by best practices within the market as well as by inherent expertise within the Group.

The mission is to provide learning, updating and enhancement of specialist knowledge relevant to specific professional and business area categories. The 2019 training program issued in the delivery of several and diverse courses, focusing operational excellence, team leadershippersonal assistant and embodying Nexi HR ethic, the digital academy, and graduate on boarding.



Tailored to Nexi business model and to its in house skills needs, Nexi launched the Skill-Up program to track current and future skills requirement. The program is based on the European e-competence framework to map IT skills and on the Milan Politecnico Digital Readiness Model. Results obtained thus far have allowed for identification of subject matter experts and for further definition of which training initiatives to deploy over the next 3 years for the purposes of bridging skills gaps for any given role.