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Skill up

Training is the base of Innovation

Nexi strategical asset, based on a strong and different human capital, is to continue to build and strengthen ‘One Nexi’. Our goal is to enhance experiences and relevant competences for business and this is the central focus on which Skill-Up program is based.

As a matter of fact, Skill-Up is a map of technical competences ‘as is’, but also with a future vision, as far as it’s strictly connected with digital readiness, that is individual ability and personal attitude to a lifelong learning.

Nexi combined the two factors and started Skill-Up project in IT Area, with the awareness that it is so relevant that it will be scalable on the whole Company, starting with the next Area, Operations.

This project is so important that Nexi was awarded as ‘International Best Practice for the use of European Competence Framework’ for competences. As a result, Skill-Up is a development program that is supporting Nexi Human capital growth


The program was launched at the end of 2019 with an initial focus on the IT area with scaling up to further Group functions planned in the near future.

Skill-Up has involved more than 300 employees until now, with the mission to be extended to about 600 by the end of 2020.

The objective of the program is to map current IT and digital competences vs. expected needs to identify and address in advance Nexi needs. The competences mapping enables focused internal actions that include:

  • identification of specific learning initiative tailored on people and roles;
  • clear criteria to develop internal competencies;
  • planning of internal job rotation and cross-functional side steps

Skill-Up approach was comprehensive, combining mapping of both soft and hard skills, including namely:

  • an e-CF based model with common IT competencies, enriched with skills needed in the near future (by Forrester), and additional competences on Nexi’s business lines;
  • a Digital DNA custom model that included Digital soft skills (Self-Empowerment & Continuous Learning, Digital Collaboration & Engagement, Cybersecurity & Digital Awareness) and Job Related Skills (Technological Trends, Customer Centricity, Data Driven Decision Making) as well as Lateral Thinking attitudes.

Nexi and Skill-UP project, a map of human capital

Maria Grazia Bizzarri, Head of People Development, Reward and Transformation of Nexi, presents the project developed at European level, involving the whole IT area, a team of more than 300 people:

“We shared an instrument to map IT competences, built on a scalable system within the Company, defined  together with three partners with dedicated roles, considering consolidate models of analysis of competences.
Thanks to the support of the European standard model of Aica competences we mapped the “As is”, considering exactly the ones we need today to win challenges of business.
Through Forrester Observatory we identified competences “To be”, needed for future challenges studying how digital payments will ‘behave’ through time.
Finally, with the experience model Mip we measured the “digital readiness” to gauging people ability to learn and to get involved”. 
This led to a “customized model of Nexi challenges”  focusing initially on digital payments competences, key for Nexi success, and which is already involving all Company areas beyond IT.  



Giancarlo Capitani, president of NetConsulting cube, offers an evaluation of the importance of the project, relevant for its own distinctive values: “A project conceived and created on a developmental vision in a market scenary in which Nexi plays a particular role with a unique and strategic approach in Italy; it’s a map conceived on a nontraditional point of view, which is based on integrated processes with internal and external resources, with a vision of the supply chain of competences and not on a ‘silos model’ inside the Company, as usually happens; the use of standards to measure skill gap, mainly important to compare with other contexts and competitors and usable as a benchmark; the integration of the specific and standard component of Nexi that offers a great customization ability; last but not least, having updated profiles, adding soft skill components, even more important because it’s linked with anthropological and relational factors, of social and cognitive sciences.”

“Nexi project has not only to do with technology but also with human factors as innovative element - Riccardo Squizzato, Scientific Responsible of AICA agrees - a great project of digital transformation based on European standard that helps optimization of non-governable situations. A case study that shows many applicable possibilities created on a base of a completely documented mechanism, a free instrument still less used in Italy but able to create link and comparative elements with reality.”