Nexi People

Nexi People

In committing to the transformation process, the Group has become a highly diverse organization, in terms of professional and cultural backgrounds, as well as skills, gender and age, through organic growth of new managers, professionals and specialists and via the acquisition of new capabilities following corporate actions and the boosting of skills already present within the Group.


Focus on People is based on:


Dialogue with employees that aims at informing, involving, engaging and making all colleagues participate in corporate initiatives, both the ones linked to typically HR issues and the ones linked to the brand, to the business strategy, to products and services and to commercial activities. Dialogue also aims to convey and strengthen company Values.


Development and consolidation of the employees’ expertise and skills.


Attraction and retention of talents, ensuring a working environment consisting of competent, motivated and satisfied employees and consultants.

According to Nexi values and in line with the pillars of the Group’s industrial plan, the Group has built its people strategy around the goal of developing the best team of people on the market in terms of skills and leadership and has done so also with promoting the kind of staff diversity and inclusion that is instrumental in building a One Nexi.

Nexi’s people strategy seeks to harness the capabilities, passions, skills and expertise of each and every employee, so as to:

  • create enduring value for all group stakeholders
  • pursue and ensure the sustainability of the organisation’s growth in the medium to long term
  • establish a performance and merit based culture
  • bolster Nexi Group’s leadership among publicly listed tech companies with respect to people management and development.

Nexi fosters and promotes all aspects of diversity that contribute to enrich Nexi growth.