Nexi customer excellence

Customer Excellence

Live for Customers, Nexi to Clients with a future vision

Closeness and future are the two concepts that have inspired Nexi brand since the beginning in 2017: next as in the future & innovation, releasing groundbreaking products, services and solutions, next as in standing next to Banks and to millions of private Customers and Merchants that every day make and accept payments.

Next to the Clients and looking to the future are therefore the principles that triggered Nexi’s transformation ever since its inception: in order to make these two concepts tangible for its clients, the group has constantly invested in technology and know-how, focusing on product , service and security excellence. Specifically in 2019 alone Nexi invested 167 millions that’s 17% of the early profit.”

Customer Centricity

According to one of Nexi’s Value (Live for the Customer), Clients play a central role, focus of the Company mission and values: daily activities, new products, innovation and investments are becoming increasingly Client-centric.

Nexi Group is constantly focused on providing excellent services and products to Private Customers, to Merchants in all the business processes and being a reliable Partner.

For this reason, Nexi regularly monitors and analyzes cross channels Customers’ needs through Customer Service calls, complaints and feedback on social and digital application stores, on top of dedicated Customer Satisfaction surveys and continual detection and analysis of Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

In 2018, Nexi, aiming at providing and achieving an excellent experience for all his Customers, has launched a Customer Centricity program, to accelerate the “Voice of the Customers” listening in the main Company touchpoints (trough dedicated NPS), the execution of relevant improvement actions and to introduce dedicated change management initiatives across the Organization.

In 2019, Nexi enriched both the monitored touchpoints and journeys and the business and operational dimensions, providing weekly internal updates and enabling fast actions supporting an always-improving service and experience.

Nexi has continued business and operational continuity in the first half of 2020 in order to support private Customers, Merchants and Banks for the main relevant touchpoints also during emergency and provide them services and assistance.

The Company’s Customer culture

According with the Live for the Customer value and Customer Centricity aim, the Group wants to spread and enforce the Client-centricity culture among all employees.

To this end, several Change Management initiatives were started in 2018 as for example:

  • Top Management’s regular listening to a selected number of Clients’ calls, complying with privacy rules, in order to devise specific improvement measures
  • creation, on the Nexi intranet, of the “Next to the Customers” section, containing interviews with end Clients, as well as all the initiatives underway
  • continuous sharing of NPS results, insight and actions, during Corporate staff meetings

In 2019 Nexi also fielded a number of initiatives for involving Partner Banks, including Nexi Days (launched on May 2018), namely, days for the creation of business networks of banks, which are updated on the offer of cards, mobile payments and SmartPOS.

Furthermore, several webinar sessions were set up to share market approach, innovation ideas and new payment solutions for private customers, merchants and businesses.

Handling complaints

To this end, the Group has devised a set of internal rules that define its roles, responsibilities and modus operandi, to help identify critical areas and areas where there is room for improvement. That is where the Group may intervene to bolster the Clients’ trust and to reduce operational and reputational risks.

Nexi's Brand Reputation

Nexi is increasingly associated with innovation and is identified as a technology-driven, forward-looking modern company.

Nexi’s reputation, monitored according to the Rep Track Score global standard of the Reputation Institute, has soared by over five points compared with late 2018, reaching 69 points, with peaks in excess of 70.


In 2019 the following companies secured quality management certification:

Nexi Payments quality management system is ISO 9001-certified with respect to the design, development and management, in collaboration with Partner Banks, of digital payment solutions for corporate, merchant, small and medium-sized businesses and banking clients.
ISO certification also extends to the design, implementation and management of software solutions and IT services, technology and applications outsourcing and servicing thereof. Said solutions and services are targeted at the Payment Systems market with a focus on financial institutions, public administrations and businesses, and include, for example, ACH services, web-based and mobile e-banking solutions and services, interbank corporate banking and e-invoicing.

Help Line SPA is ISO 9001-certified with respect to its inbound customer care services, its account information and payment initiation services, its customer support services for licensed and serviced Nexi Payments SpA cards and POS terminals for cardholders, merchants and Partner Banks, and its fraud prevention services for licensed and serviced Nexi Payments SpA cardholders and merchants. Help Line is also certified under UNI 15838, a standard designating requirements for customer contact centres and providing client-centred best practices guidelines designed to meet client expectations. Transitioning towards the new UNI EN ISO 18295 standard, which replaces UNI 15838, was initiated in December.