Sustainabilty Stakeholeders

Sustainability Stakeholders

For Nexi, interfacing with stakeholders is an opportunity to better understand their needs and expectations, to then act upon them for defining corporate strategies. Dialogue with stakeholders is also considered a tool to manage and anticipate change in order to enhance services and products, as well as the standard of living in the areas it operates.
Nexi Group stakeholders have been identified by analysing internal documents and by interviewing the management, considering the variables envisaged by the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard:

  • accountability: subjects towards which we are, or we may be in future, accountable on legal, financial and operational levels;
  • influence: subjects that are, or may, in the future, be able to influence the Group’s ability to achieve its goals;
  • tension: subjects that require immediate attention with reference to economic, social or environmental issues;
  • dependence: ssubjects that greatly depend on the Group for their safety, subsistence, health or well-being;
  • different standpoints: subjects whose different stances may help identify new opportunities.​


Stakeholder in details:


Nexi Group clients break down into private customers, merchants, banks, businesses and public administration. Clients have their say through Customer Satisfaction surveys and we also identify their needs measuring the indicator of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our dialogue with Partner Banks also features several meetings, aimed at sharing strategic views on innovation in digital pay-ment services and supporting their daily activities.


Dialogue with employees aims at informing, involving, engaging and making all colleagues participate in corporate initiatives, both the ones linked to typically HR issues and the ones linked to the brand, to the business strategy, to products and services and to commercial activities. Dialogue also aims to convey and strengthen company Values.


Relations with Regulators are dealt with on a daily basis through specific functions that work to ensure compliance with the laws and to respond to all mandatory information requests or specific requests.The Group has also joined the major national financial categories and actively supports dialogue with institutions on issues regarding the Country’s digitalisation process.


The dialogue with investors and the global financial community, through the dedicated Investor Relations function, is constant and aimed at building its shareholder base in a long-term perspective. In 2019, Nexi, through its Corporate Social Responsibility Function, starteda proactive dialogue with the main ESG providers and ESG investment funds through conference calls and participation in dedicated events.


Nexi, for the development of the Group’s innovative solutions, constantly cooperates with an international ecosystem of fintech companies, start-up accelerators and incubators, commercial partners and developers and start-ups themselves.


Nexi liaises with schools and Universities and promotes dedicated digitalisation events.


Nexi constantly fosters public debates and supports the spread of digital culture through specialised training programmes for members of the judicial authority and of the criminal investigation police. 


The Group’s Supply Chain Management Function and the figures in charge of expenditure regularly liaise with their suppliers, throughout the entire term of the contract. The Function also monitors the pertinent satisfaction level.e. 


Relations with the mass-media are handled by the External Communication & Media Relations Function, which makes sure that all messages transmitted to the main press bodies, including digital ones, are consistent with corporate guidelines and with the activities carried out by the Group while ensuring an adequate reputation and image of the Group.