Sustainability Nexi


Corporate social responsibility

We aim to change the way People and Companies make and accept payments to make Individuals' lives easier, facilitate the growth of Enterprises, improve the efficiency of Public Administration and support digital inclusion and the growth of the communities where Nexi Group’s companies operate.

We are aware of the positive social, environmental and economic impact that digitisation can have in Europe. Hence, we promote it by accelerating the diffusion of cashless payments, managing digital identity related services, digitising paper-based processes, and providing efficient and secure payment solutions to benefit Individuals', Enterprises and the entire Community.

Sustainability Nexi

Digital Payments and the transition to a cashless Europe can help society progress on all ESG pillars.
Nexi is committed to sustain this evolution and to manage our everyday  business with the same principles.  

Sustainability Nexi
  • We are committed to carbon neutrality and the containment of global warming within 1.5°c
  • Paperless offices
  • Digital payments reduce cash production (coins, notes) and transportation  
Sustainability Nexi
  • Transparent governance is further supported by the application of our Code of Ethics
  • Digital payments are key enablers of consumers’ and businesses’ tax loyalty
Sustainability Nexi
  • We invest in structure employee welfare programs to support our people and their families
  • We dedicate time and skills to spread the digital culture and to support digital inclusion within our people and the communities where we operate

Nexi has been selected for The Sustainability Yearbook 2021. 

Sustainability Nexi