Women in Payments Emea Symposium, May 8th 2023

Women - Driving the Pulse of Payments

Women in Payments Symposium Emea -  London

As women, we are no strangers to overcoming obstacles. A thought that is not unfamiliar to all of us. What it means in emerging and developing countries became clear to me at this year's @WomanInPayments EMEA Symposium.
We talked about infrastructural barriers that we have mainly overcome in industrialized countries. Power supply, for example, a lack of internet connections, and a reliable, scalable infrastructure to make digital payment competitive and affordable. And we talked about cultural barriers, such as the trust in new ecosystems. A topic that is close to my heart because it makes it especially difficult for women in developing countries to have access to more secure and business supportive environment.

There are still rigid gender roles that limit women to traditional tasks such as housework, child-rearing, and caring for the family. As a result, girls often receive less education than boys, partly due to the belief that their role in the family is more important than their personal or professional development. Another challenge for women is the limited access to resources such as land, credit, and technological knowledge, which restricts their economic independence and potential for growth.

Under these circumstances, how can we support the intention of this year's symposium and enable women in developing countries to become drivers of change in the payment industry?

Thanks to inspiring talks with industry leaders @KatieDilaj, @RufaidaHamilton, @AdeyanjuPinheiro-Aina, @MichaelRichard I realized that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
Overcoming cultural barriers is a process that requires constant work on change and improvement, as well as the establishment of infrastructure to support these changes.
This is easier for those who strive to improve their social and economic status than for those who are satisfied with the status quo.
Habits or privileges are not easily given up. In this respect, developing countries are no different from industrialized countries.


@NexiGroup is a fast-growing pan-European company. Change is a constant for us. In this way, we support SMEs and microenterprises in their digitization efforts, increase proximity to local communities, and promote digital inclusion. All factors that are important for the equality of women and their professional successes. Regardless of whether it is mindfulness with the environment or with our fellow human beings, we work as an integrated and talented team where everyone has the same opportunities. We are making great strides in implementing our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion across the board, share one culture, one voice, one goal: Making digital payments a driver of progress.

All it takes to light a fire is a spark. At Nexi, we want to ignite that spark and contribute by educating communities about the benefits of digital financial services and fostering an open dialogue about the cultural changes needed to promote financial inclusion.