Digital Payment Acceptance


Merchant Needs​


​We understand that Grocery merchants need an easy and fast integration with their Electronic Cash Registers ( ECRs).
Your consumer‘s check-out experience has to be fast and reliable. You need to offer all payment methods on the local markets, especially the local schemes for Account to Account APMs (Alternative Payment Methods). Grocery needs self-checkout integrations and Scan&Pay solutions, as well as a payment system that helps increase customer loyalty and enable personalized loyalty programs.

Our offer

  • Seamless ECR integration for the smooth flow of POS Systems, payment solutions and enhanced loyalty programs.​
  • ​An E-Commerce Gateway easily integrable and with wide capabilities ​
  • ​Dedicated Pre- and Aftersales support to follow them in all customized integrations and local customer support​
  • ​Omnichannel experience and Android Terminals​
  • ​Retail payment experts that can guide the merchants in the Payments future trends. 

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