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Digital retirement plans

The digitization trend in financial services is gradually evolving the world of retirement plans as well, traditionally little impacted by the digital transformation and with mechanisms only understood by a minority of people, often insiders.

However, the world of work is now a very different place: we are all much more inclined to control our savings, to understand where we are investing and the returns we could collect by leveraging different options. We also want and need it to be easy.

Innovators in the retirement marketplace are going digital to create a better and more engaging customer experience, fostering better understanding and management of retirement plans, by way of services such as: retirement goals and target shortfalls; online update of contributions and investment; pension tracking and consolidation; contribution benefit guidance; investment-compliant decumulation plans; digital communications; hybrid advice and lead-generation for advisors; post-retirement engagement.

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Other Payment Services provided by partners

There are other innovative payment methods that make it possible for the payer, be it an individual or a business, to make payments without knowing the IBAN of the beneficiary, identifying the latter through the phone number or email and delegating it to complete the missing IBAN field. These payments overcome many of the obstacles currently present in traditional methods: they have no limits on the amount, they are international, they can be set to occur at a certain date in the future, they have an immediate result, and the beneficiary receives the payment without having to sign up for a new service.

The advantages for banks in introducing such an innovative international service are many, ranging from the creation of synergies with other products already in the bank's catalogue to the greater efficiency of collection and payment processes, passing through the innovation of the relationship between payer and beneficiary.

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Crowdtesting allows to test products in the real world before they are released, thus complementing the classic tests done in a virtual environment (Sandbox). Moreover, thanks to the use of Testing Automation tools to verify the good functioning of APIs, it is possible to monitor their performance over time, thus allowing the creation of reliable services.

Crowdtesting solutions, ranging from functional testing to experience testing, have been shown to improve Conversion Rate, lower the cart abandonment rate, increase customer loyalty, reduce Time-to-Market and development costs.

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