Milan, Italy, May 2nd 2024

Nexi and shopreme partner to elevate in-store checkout experiences for consumers across Europe

Nexi announce a strategic collaboration with shopreme, a pioneer in advanced checkout technology.

The partnership will see Nexi, integrate shopreme's self-checkout solutions into its merchant propositions.

The move underscores Nexi and shopreme’s shared commitment to reshaping the in-store payments landscape, leading to an era of convenience, efficiency and innovation for European consumers and retailers.

As Europe transitions from cash to digital payments, consumer preferences are moving toward more convenient and innovative shopping journeys. This is resulting in growing demand for self-service solutions, such as self-checkout options and mobile checkout technologies across a range of retail verticals, including grocery, fashion, home design, travel retail and beauty/wellness.

Moreover, retailers are continuously innovating and exploring new store layouts to increase reach and customer convenience, while maximizing cost efficiency in terms of store size.

As part of the strategic partnership, Nexi will integrate shopreme’s state-of-the-art self-checkout solutions into its merchant propositions. By embedding its secure payment technology within shopreme’s mobile self-checkout and kiosk solutions, Nexi will provide retailers with a fully integrated and frictionless in-store payment experience.

Such integrations will empower merchants to offer seamless and efficient self-checkout experiences to consumers, reducing wait times and queues while allowing staff to prioritize more complex and rewarding customer interactions.

The self-service solutions enabled by the Nexi and shopreme partnership will roll out progressively in 2024. Deployment across Nexi’s key markets will start in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with Italy and the Nordics to follow.

“We strongly believe in digital payments as enablers of engaging, frictionless and efficient customer journeys, and we are fully committed to supporting merchants in innovating store formats and shopping experiences,” said Roberto Catanzaro, Chief Business Officer, Merchant Solutions at Nexi Group. “Combining Nexi’s digital payment acceptance capabilities with shopreme’s cutting-edge checkout solutions is an important step in this journey. We will continue to provide our customers with world-class revenue and efficiency-enhancing solutions, together with deeply local capabilities, knowledge, and support.”

Nico Müller, Chief Commercial Officer for shopreme commented: "At shopreme, we are dedicated to delivering the best and most seamless shopping experience. As this comprises all elements of the customer journey, a great payment experience is essential. In Nexi, we have found an excellent partner that brings extensive expertise in navigating the complexities of the European payments market.