March 21st 2024

Nexi at the 'Economics of Sustainability and Biodiversity' talk

On March 21st, Savero Tridico,  Group Corporate & External Affairs and ESG director, spoke at the RCS Academy and Corriere della Sera Talk 'The Economics of Sustainability and Biodiversity' in which he discussed industrial development and ecological transition, climate change and biodiversity, corporate strategies and green goals.

"As a leading digital payments company in Italy and Europe, we have the responsibility to drive the cashless transition also and above all from an environmental sustainability perspective. After all, studies claim that cash payments in Italy produce more than 160,000 tonnes of CO2 (mainly from production and transport) to absorb which we would require 6.5 million trees. In contrast, cashless payments have a 21% lower carbon footprint than cash. It is therefore positive that there is an increasing transition from physical cards to digital payments, and our data shows that mobile payments in Italy increased by 103% in 2023. For this reason, we are working on severalfronts, from improving the efficiency of our Data Centres to increasing the number of cards made with recycled materials to 50%, and Planet Care, the service that allows users to measure the impact of their purchasing choices directly on the Nexi Pay App".