European E-commerce Report 2022, June 9th 2023

A Comprehensive Analysis of eCommerce landscape

Eurpean E-commerce Report 2022

We are proud to present the 2022 Ecommerce report.

The 2022 e-commerce report analyses E-commerce challenges, conditions, and opportunities in the Nordic and DACH regions and Italy.

The report is based on results from surveys conducted by Kantar on behalf of Nets in the form of 50 weekly interviews among 10.200 internet users during 2022. Respondents throughout Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy participated in the research. Respondents were taken from each region's local population, aged 18-79-year-olds with internet access. Each response was weighted by age, gender, and region and considered accumulated composition.

The research report is based on two main parameters: spending and habits.

Spending is a parameter based on the survey respondent's response on the approximation of money spent on a specific category over the previous 28 days. Estimates of total online consumption are based on the median value times the number of people shopping online in each category. The advantage of this method is that the median is less sensitive to extreme fluctuations, providing a more accurate picture of typical consumer behaviour.

Habits of each user were based on their shopping activity over the previous 28 days. Throughout the survey, the majority of questions offered the possibility to choose multiple answers, which were then calculated to represent their online shopping habits.