November 23rd 2022

Digital Currencies

Nexi Digital Currency Report
"Digital currencies are now starting to reach their full potential, from CBDC, to eMoney tokens, to Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins"


Digital currencies have the potential to transform the financial and payments sector, generating knock-on effects on all areas of people’s lives, from identity to security, from new ways of interacting to geopolitical balances. Growing market demand and technological evolution are further accelerating this phenomenon. 

Digital currencies are now starting to reach their full potential, from CBDC to eMoney tokens, to Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins. Some with a sole payment objective, also through advanced use cases, and others with financial speculation objectives. 

The role of intermediaries supported by a common regulatory framework is fundamental to boost a sustainable and inclusive adoption and to make our industry a virtuous case of systemic aggregation at the European level.

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Nexi Digital Currency