Poplatek Oy

Poplatek Oy

Poplatek Oy is a Finnish company specialized in software development, cloud services and payment solutions.

Since its foundation in 2009, it has been a pioneer in customer-oriented software development, providing services to a wide range of industries and participating in a number of projects related to the digitization of payments, the Industrial Internet and retail commerce.

Poplatek Oy develops seamless technological solutions that create new business opportunities by making everyday living, working and payments less complicated.

With an extensive track record in developing the leading payment solutions in Finland, Poplatek Oy is renowned for being the first to implement contactless payments and real-time interbank Siirto payments for its clients.

Poplatek Oy ensures data security and uncompromising quality in order to create lasting and innovative solutions and in the pursuit of coding the best customer experience, while also making software services as easy, reliable and cost effective to buy as possible.

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